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Cute first day of school outfit for a girl with uniform (6th grade)?

Sooo I have to wear a uniform (BLAHHHH!) Help me figure out a first day of school outfit?

Here's the dresscode:

Clothing must not be ripped, torn, patched, frayed, or otherwise visibly damaged or altered.

 Clothing must fit properly, not be excessively baggy, too short, too tight, or too revealing. Slacks, shorts, skirts, etc. must be worn above hip level and pants may not drag the ground.

Undergarments must not be visible.

 If students choose to wear undershirts, they must be white, and must remain tucked in at all times.

 Earrings may be worn only by girls.

 Belts or scarves must not be worn around the waist.

Scarves must not be worn as belts.

Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. It may not be extreme in style or color.

Extremely unnatural hair color or streaking, or any hairstyle deemed extreme or distracting is not permitted.

 Hats, caps, or other head coverings are not permitted indoors.

 Shoes must be worn at all times. Closed-toed shoes, leather sandals with no thong (lol) between the toes, athletic shoes, clogs, crocs, flats, and sandals with nothing in between the toes are permitted.



 Style: collared polo/golf, turtleneck, or shirt/blouse with collar (straight, button-down, or


 Color: Plain white, plain navy, dark hunter green, light blue, or yellow

 The only layering permitted will have white as the undergarment color.

 All shirttails should be tucked in unless the style calls for the top to be untucked. Slacks/Skirts/Shorts/Skorts

 Style: Skirts, skorts, and shorts all must be no more than 3” above the top of the


 Color: Navy, khaki tan, or plaid- (leather, denim material, and athletic wear are

not acceptable)

 Belts should be worn if there are loops.

Outerwear (worn over dress code appropriate shirts during the day)

 Style: Fleece jackets, pullover sweaters or sweatshirts (with no team names, slogans, or messages

other than the names of Heathwood or other learning institutions), cardigan sweaters

 Colors: Navy blue, gray, white, black, dark forest green or any item with Heathwood logo

purchased from Plaid Peddler

 White, black, or navy socks, tights, or leggings (worn under dress code length skirts only) are

the only acceptable options.

 During the colder winter months coats, hats, and scarves that are not in compliance with the dress

code may be worn to and from school and during recess only. At all other times they must remain in lockers during the school day.


glad we got over with THAT!

I was thinking about going for a Bright Colors theme this, I don't wear black or white, I wear bold colors (Hot pink, royal purple, electric blue, lime green, etc.).

I know it says we're not allowed to, but usually no teacher notices if you were a jacket or socks out of color, or a hat inside, or a belt around your waist, and the worst thing that could happen is getting a refferel, and if you get three refferels, you get a detention :( and the most minor thing is that no one notices.

But I've never gotton a refferel before, so it's basically all good.

Help me create a cute first day outfit please?

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    pull over swaeter in white




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    Wow I am sorry I thought my school sucks but your school must be like hell how is wearing a belt on your waist harming students or about guys wearing earring or how you can only wear certain color Hoodies that is so stupid it ain't harming anyone like at my school the main rules are fingertip length shorts and skirts and no tank tops and we can wear whatever shoes we please and that's pretty much it bit any way. A good outfit wow that would be hard but. Maybe cargo looking capris a button down shirt in what ever color and like only button it like half way and but a tank top under it and maybe cinch the shirt with a skinny rope belt and pair it with a pair of solid color TOMs but anyways good luck this school year I am praying for you!! And middle school ain't too bad

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    wear lots of cute jewelry! and accessories! and on youtube search something like back to school hair styles! good luck!

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    so in the experience that your doing bright colours i no u pronounced no black yet perchance and electric powered blue shirt with the jacket your speaking approximately over and a black skirt with leggings and for footwear are you allowed to placed on apartments? i could placed on that. desire i help:)

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    something like this? its classic =)

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