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Dog got in the trash about 10 min ago and ate some chicken bones...?

any input from people who have had their dogs do the same thing?

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    My dog has gotten into cooked chicken bones more times than I can count. And it can be very dangerous although nothing has happened to my dogs. Some things I have done to make sure nothing happens:

    Feed them bread. It coats the intestines and helps them slide down easier without cutting anything.

    Exercise them. It helps the digestion.

    And keep a close eye on them too! Just because you do these things doesn't mean your off the hook from danger. Watch their stool and if you see a lot of blood or mucus that doesn't stop after 2 or 3 days take them to the vet immediately!! If you feed them rice however it will put mucus in the stool.

    If they are inactive, or act like they're in pain, take them to the vet for that also.

    And try to prevent it from happening again! You don't want to worry about them and wondering if they'll be ok. It worries you more than you can imagine! :)

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    Watch for bloody feces or other unhealthy indications. I do not know that inducing vomiting would help, as the chicken bones would have to travel up the throat AGAIN, which could increase the risk of a splinter getting caught. Watch your dog closely, but breathe easy for a while. My two have gotten into chicken bones several times and they are still healthy. If your dog shows any negative symptoms, bring it to the vet!

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    Cooked bones do splinter and can cause internal damage! We all agree on that. I feed raw chicken, bones and all to my schnauzers and have NO problems. I've been doing this for years as I believe in the 'raw' diet. If this was recent feed him some bread maybe one or two slices depending on his size. You do not want him to vomit! Watch him closely, you want to look for different behavior as if he doesn't feel well, and examine his feces for blood. If he does vomit look for blood. Hopefully he is ok, and if he chewed them good he probably will be. Don't feed him anything else tonight. If you see these signs get him to the vet asap. Then puppy-proof your home. Dogs/puppies will eat anything! Sometimes whole!He needs to be in a kennel and he needs his "own" chewies. Kennel training will take care of things like this. I can never preach enough on the importance of kennel training your dog! Good luck on this! Hope everything turns out okay (which I kinda think will).

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    maximum individuals panic while their dogs eats cooked bones (uncooked are ok by the type as they are not so brittle) however the certainty is that numerous the time their abdomen deals with them. regrettably in some circumstances the bones can puncture the dogs abdomen or intestines as they bypass by using. shop a pay attention for any sign of black in her poo - this could be a definite sign of inner bleeding, if this occurs you should get to a vet urgently. in any different case, I consider the different answer - some gentle bread can coat the bones and help them get by using slightly much less complicated. she will in all probability be ok, wish all is going properly. perhaps feed her some uncooked fowl bones a week so she would not bypass interior the direction of the trash for yours, I unquestionably have larger dogs who consume an entire uncooked fowl carcass each few days, its great for his or her the teeth, and that they needless to say like it!

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    My dog did the same thing. He`s okay but you need to take your dog to a vet ASAP because the bones can split and make cuts internally through the digestive system. Look in your phone book for a 24-hr animal hospital and phone them. Usually they don`t mind giving you advice over the phone ( they usually do it for free). If they can`t, take your dog to the vet!! It`s very dangerous to just leave it alone!

  • Ashley
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    I honestly don't see why people are so worried, we have 4 dogs- 11 y/o mutt, 6 y/o blue heeler, 3 y/o blue heeler, & 9 mo old black lab mix- and they have always been given bones and they are all healthy and happy. i also know many people wou feed their dogs bones and none have ever had problems

  • Yes, chicken bones splinter when they are cooked and there is a high risk that they will splinter and puncture your dog's organs.

    Induce vomiting now 2-4 capfuls of Hydrogen Peroxide, depending on size. Make them swallow it. They should throw up within 10 minutes. If nothing, call your vet and ask for further advice.

    Chicken bones are not something to play around with in a dog. My adult Aussie ate a chicken carcass and nearly died from it.

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    if he isnt choking he's probably fine.

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    Beware of dirty.

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