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Cal State University Dominguez Hills safe? Good academics? ranks?

What's it like at CSUDH? Is it diverse? Is there a racial tension? Ranking?

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    The 2010 United States Census[11] reported that Carson had a population of 91,714. The population density was 4,835.2 people per square mile (1,866.9/km²). The racial makeup of Carson was 21,864 (23.8%) White, 21,856 (23.8%) African American, 518 (0.6%) Native American, 23,522 (25.6%) Asian, 2,386 (2.6%) Pacific Islander, 17,151 (18.7%) from other races, and 4,417 (4.8%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 35,417 persons (38.6%). Carson as a city is one of the most racially diverse cities in L.A county. The racial statistics for the city and school are from Wikipedia.

    Carson is the site of California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). CSUDH is a major commuter school, particularly for African-American students from the surrounding cities of Long Beach, Gardena, and Compton. It was established in the wake of the 1965 Watts riots, as a response to community outcry over the lack of higher education opportunities in the largely black south suburbs of Los Angeles. Today it is among the most racially diverse campuses in the United States. Prior to expansion in the mid 1960s, the university was located in nearby Palos Verdes. In 1965, Carson was chosen as the home for the relocating university over the communities of Friendship Park, Fort MacArthur and Torrance.[citation needed] Carson is also home to the Home Depot Center which is the home of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team and hosts the yearly JP Morgan/Chase tennis tournament.

    CSUDH Demographics of student body All enrolled students

    African American 23.1%

    Asian American 11.5%

    White Americans 16.8%

    Hispanic American 45.0%

    Native American 0.4%

    CSUDH offers 45 undergraduate majors, 24 master's degrees, and a number of certificate and credential programs. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, the National Association of Schools of Music, and the National Association of Schools of Theater. It is also the administrative headquarters of the California State University's Statewide Nursing Program.

    As far as CSUDH it's part of the Cal State system and is a good school. It's not as good as UCLA, but it still a good school. I got a good education from there and am currently working on getting my CPA license. CSUDH is very diverse. There's a larger portion of Hispanics/blacks. However, there's a good number of whites/ Asians. The school has no ranking and there is no racial tension. I can't stand people like the poster above who stereotype the city when they don't fully know about it.

    Carson has the distinction of being the only incorporated city in the United States where the African American population has a higher median income than the white population.[13]

    Carson is a middle class area with some very nice homes around the university. The area isn't as nice as Torrance, but it's NOT as bad and poor as POSTER Cody above makes it out to be. My Uncle lives in Carson and bought a town-home over there for 470,000.

    Carson borders Compton to the north, Long Beach to the east, Torrance to the west, and Wilmington to the south.

    Source(s): Has family who leaves in Carson
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    Cal State Dominguez Hills Majors

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Cal State University Dominguez Hills safe? Good academics? ranks?

    What's it like at CSUDH? Is it diverse? Is there a racial tension? Ranking?

    Source(s): cal state university dominguez hills safe good academics ranks:
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    CSUDH is in Carson, CA which is a poor neighborhood. It is next to Compton, a high crime city ! It is safe to work around campus in daylight, but I do not recommend doing it at night though.

    CSUDH is ok in academics. There is no rank for this school. The majority of students are black and hispanics. You will rarely see white or asian in this school. I've never heard anything about racial tension at this school. Also, this is a def a commute school.

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