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cracked ipod touch 4g screen?

If I tape the area of something is there a reasonn I should even get a new screen. The touch still works and everything. But what is the main reason to even have it replaced if it is operating just fine right now?

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    An already cracked screen makes the screen weaker than an intact screen. So any flexing, pressure, drops, can break even more of the glass and may at the next break, make the screen unusable, which for a touch screen device, is not a good thing without any other option to operate the device.

    I have seen phones and other hand held devices with minor cracks, become much larger cracks and spider webs, just by leaving them in a hot car, pulling them out of pockets, hitting a table when tossed on the table, things like that where the tap is so slight and would not have hurt the screen if it was intact.

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    wel taping won't do anything and replacement is 90 bucks because the retina screen and touch screen are glued together and a cracked screen can allow water into it easier than non cracked

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