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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsEngineering · 10 years ago

environmental engineering?

i want to be an environmental engineer, but i feel like i wouldn't be able to design things. So my question is; does the individual engineer come up with a plan on his own, or will there be a team of people trying to design the new object?

also i know that environmental engineers get paid more for a masters degree so i was thinking i wanted to get a BS in environmental science and then MS in Env. Engineering..would this work?(like would i still get paid the same as a person who did BS in env engineering then MS in env engineering?)

1 more question, if i had a degree in environmental engineering would i be limited to just waste management or could i do other things like alternative energy and stuff??

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    10 years ago
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    You'll learn some basics of design in college (that's kind of the point of college, to teach you the skills you need), but whether you're working on a team or individually depends on the company you work for the and the work you're doing. A multi-million dollar, multi-year project will likely be done by a team. A 6 month proof-of-concept may be done individually. Small companies will be more likely to give individual projects. At the engineering company that I work for, most projects are done individually, but there are daily meetings of all the engineers where we discuss any issues and plans.

    Whether you could go from environmental science BS to environmental engineering MS would depend on the difference in curricula for the science vs. engineering undergrad programs. If it's only a couple classes different, then yes. If they're almost completely different, maybe not. As long as you have an MS, you'd get paid the same, it doesn't really matter what your BS is in. Though if design is your weak point, then it would be better to do engineering. Also, some schools offer combined BS/MS programs where you start your MS program in your senior year and finish in only one extra year. You would need to be in the engineering program to do that.

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    10 years ago

    You can study or test things or implement the designs someone else made. Some of your classes will teach you design so its less daunting. You'll work with a team for the most part. I recommend internships over your summer breaks. Masters can get more pay and it is sometimes a pre-req for jobs. The main thing people look at for the job is your GPA, your school (an accredited engineering school), and your experience. Environmental engineering encompasses protection of the environment, renewable energy, water and waste water, and more. You'll have to pick a focus down the road though.

    Source(s): GA tech BS civil and environmental engineering
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    5 years ago

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