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Is anyone who thinks Evan is strictly for boys familiar with Evan Rachel Wood?

Just curious!


haha. well maybe more of you should read up some on current people. evan rachel wood is a famous actress. there are other gorgeous actresses with non gender specific names.

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    Yeah, I am familiar with Evan Rachel Wood. She WAS Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, and no, I see nothing wrong with using boy names on girls.

    Evan is "unisex"

    I have Shiloh on my list, and yes, for a girl...

    -- Shiloh Elizabeth

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    Sweetie, the fact some people have ignorant parents who gave them hilariously awful names for the wrong gender doesn't magically make them into good names.

    Evan is a boys name. If it wasn't, why would that poor actress have to use her middle name too? Can you imagine having to go through life explaining that your name was "Evan Rachel"?

    "there are other gorgeous actresses with non gender specific names."

    So what? Their names are still awful.

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    Evan Rachel wood is a great actress, i do not like her name though

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    If she was called William Rachel Wood would it make William a "non gender specific?" name.

    The parents of actress using a boy's name on a girl does not suddenly make it "non gender specific". I like unisex names, but Evan isn't one of them. I

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    9 years ago

    you're right, but the name Evan Rachel Wood is better for boys

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    Yeah but so what? It just means she has a boys name.

    If there was an actor named Rachel Evan Wood would that make you think Rachel was a boys name?

  • So just because some actress has a masculine boys name, that suddenly means the name is unisex or a girls name? What a ridiculous excuse.

    Evan - - Masculine!!!!! Do you even know what masculine means?

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    9 years ago

    Just because a famous woman has a masculine name doesn't mean a name should automatically be though of as a unisex name, I mean Cameron Diaz is a female... does that mean Cameron is now a feminine/unisex name? no, it doesn't, yet i struggle to understand why many people still do. I blame it on all the parents who named their little girls Aubrey and Madison...

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    I've heard of her, but that doesn't change the fact that Evan is a boys name. Just proves her mother was dumb in giving her a boys name.

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    Evan is a boys name. Simple

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