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How many sneezes are "equivalent" to an orgasm?


Ha ha ha. 10?

Update 2:

Ah, so that must be why it's fun to sneeze and why sneezing a bunch of times in a row is really great feeling...and then when a sneeze is like almost there but it's on the tip of your nose and you can't quite sneeze it's kinda like right before your orgasm and you want to so bad and you're almost there but it's like "ah.....ah....ahhhhh.....(pause)....ah....ahhhhchoo! Ah ahhh Achooo! Achooooo!

Update 3:

True. Thanks. I wish my allergies made me orgasm ha ha ha. Then again, nothing compares to a real orgasm or a really good one or like a few in a row or a day....or even just one perfectly perfect one.

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    10 I sneeze = 1/10th of an orgasm

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    Sneeze Orgasm

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    This is an urban myth that has no basis in biological reality. The source of the myth was a distortion of a comment attributed to sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer who said 'an orgasm is a reflex, just like a sneeze' which became 'an orgasm is like a sneeze'.

    If it were true then people with allergies would be rolling on the floor in ecstasy and happiest when their allergies kick in. Since I've never seen a hayfever sufferer collapse on the ground moaning in pleasure, it's probably a good indication it isn't true!

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    How many sneezes are "equivalent" to an orgasm?

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    1 sneeze during an orgasm ruins sex, i hope that helps

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    So that's why Tescos have sold out of pepper!!

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    yes! you like wait for it then it comes haha

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