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My brother has a weird thing with knives?

My little brother has a weird thing with knives. This might seem long but read this because it's really starting to scare me.

First of all, my brother loves loves loves call of duty. when he got that game though he started playing with knives in our house, and he even made up a cod game where you only knife. but that's not it, because to me the cod game isn't a big deal. it's what he's done in real life that scares me.

let me give you some examples.

one day we came home when my brother was home alone and some boxes and the spare couch in the garage were all torn up and ripped apart. we found out later that my brother had taken a knife and slit the boxes and the couch because he got bored.

another day my sister got him mad and he took one of the kitchen knives out and told her that he was going to use it on his little sister.

also earlier today my brother and i got into a physical fight. i asked him to play zombies when he was playing guitar. he said no and i asked why and he was like "because." and ten minutes later he still was playing guitar and i asked if i could play and he ignored me and said that he didn't want to listen to me. and since i have only played cod like twice, i went down and played anyway. well that wasn't smart on my part, but my little brother didn't have to come down, grab the controller, take a plastic sword and hit me in the face. when he went in for a second shot, i grabbed his arms and pinned him to the ground, when i let go, he swung again and hit me in the temple, which still hurts. he then proceeded to take a nerf machine gun and hit me again once in the stomach and again in the leg because he was on the ground. i pinned him down again and ran upstairs. i guess i was a little hard on him because his hand was bleeding. he washed it off and i felt bad, until he came out of the bathroom, grabbed a kitchen knife, walked up to me and said "you made me bleed, now i'm gonna make you bleed more." he looked like he was going to go to stab me but he stopped when i yelled for my mom (who didn't hear me, by the way)

i told mom afterward but my brother denied pulling the knife on me and he denied hitting me before that. he also denied the knife incident with my sister, and got away with that. i finally convinced mom that i was right because my brother left the knife on the ground when i yelled for her, and she doesn't know what to do and neither do i. how do we stop his knife obsession before he gets angry and actually kills one of us? (im not joking, he has threatened to kill me before) HELP!!


he's 13

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    Aiya (Oh no), Another war game influenced a growing child again.

    You have the right to be scared. Fooling around with knives is dangerous. He needs counseling. Especially when he tried to hurt you with a knife, but stopped when you yelled. He possibly knows what he's doing, and he knows it's not good. Yes, take him to a counselor before he seriously hurts someone. Please, before he hurts you or anyone.

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    could you email me how old your brother is? Because if hes a not a teen that changes everything Like He probably just thinks hes cool when he has a knife and acts like He can play murder like in those cod games and its something that can be stopped. If hes a teen thats alot more different. I have a strange knife obsession and im a teen who plays cod And me and many others are mature enought to never threaten a person with them. So if hes a teen I would seriously get him help because Most likely Hell still continue it.

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    Maybe you could set up a camera in the room where the game system is, or wherever things like this happen. That way he can't deny it again. You should also try to tell him stabbing people in real life is not like in a video game. They won't get back up. Try to get your parents to take the game away from him. Ask them why they won't believe them; remind them about the couch!

    Good luck, and I hope no one gets hurt.

    Oh, and he definitely needs a psychiatrist.

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    I could tell he is at least younger than at least 13 since he hesitated when you called your mom. Kids at his age usually doesn't want to think what they say when they are angry and thinks they can solve everything with violence. If he reads this he might cuss at whoever I am, try to take him to a church tell someone who works there what he has done. They will talk to him, when I was young I was selfish and acted like your brother. After someone at church finally talked to me about how I acted and about christianity I thought about it. Please try to let your brother stay away from those kind of games. Also tell your parents to check his history daily and if he deletes any part of it retrieve it. See what he has been on. Let him think about what he has done, the lord can only forgive your sins if you forgive yourself.

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    I would consider putting him in therapy or in counseling because usually in situations like that it's a deep psychological issue and he might need to be put on medication. And if he is it's just important to not make him feel any different from the rest of you because he will be VERY sensitive about it. I know this because my brother had similar problems. I wish you and your family good luck and pray that no harm comes to any of you or him.

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    Dear concerned sister.

    You seem to me like you and your brother were not raised with respect for tools. Just like the kids who blame video games for shooting up schools. Yes there is a rare psychopath that can be taught respect for tools and still chooses to use them incorrectly, but this does not seem the case here. Have you tried to see why he turns to tools? Maybe he is constantly bullied in school and he has not been taught how to defend himself so he feels empowered when holding a tool as a weapon. Maybe you do not respect him enough and he feels like he needs to tools to even the playing field.

    My suggestion would be find out whats at the root of his "obsession" and quit blaming what is easiest to blame. Like with Columbine, you are blaming what is easiest to blame. I being a member of the goth community can say we are mostly harmless and the kids at Columbine were not goth. Yet, we were blamed, as well as our video games, music, taste in clothing, etc. Long story short, find out why he feels he needs tools and then figure out how to fix that issue.

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    Convice your mom to take him to treatment and have him with a sphycologist.

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    How old is he? councling. but.. one day he might save ur life with a nife. :P but idk iv never been in this sittuation. wut rlly got me was " u made me bleed. now im going to make you bleed more" he might kill u but idk :P stay safe and good luck

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