Yu Yu Hakusho Vs Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto Shippuden?

In My Opinion Yu Yu Hakusho For Life !! DBZ Great But No Story-Plot Naruto Shippuden Good But Too Much Filler Yu Yu Hakusho Has A Love Glowing In My Child Hood Heart Dragon Ball Z Too (Vote) Naruto Shippuden Isn't Stronger Than Yu Yu Hakusho Trust Me My Next One Will Be Baki Vs Kenichi Vs Ippo

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    8 years ago
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    Yu Yu Hakusho was the best of the three anime listed. In my opinion, it's a near-perfect show with action and every other element a typical guy would ask for in any anime. Hiei, the three-eyed hero who made my childhood, nothing could beat him.

    Following is Naruto Shippuden. I found it much more entertaining than the original series. Last comes DBZ, while a good show, it's very repetitive.

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    I loved Yu Yu Hakusho,but i couldn't really follow it

    DBZ is probably my favorite anime of all time,and is probably the best anime of all time

    Naruto..heh i gave up on that after 30 episodes,i was so bored and so many fans kind of ruined it in my opinion so dont like naruto at all,and i have seen some similarities with DBZ so..yea

    Source(s): Been a DBZ fan since it started
  • Yu Yu Hakusho! <3

    That is my childhood. [:

    So was DBZ.. But it was very repetitive...

    Naruto is way to hard to follow now days. o.o

    ~Perfect Enemy

  • 8 years ago

    Dragonball Z for me will always be the best. Nearly 30 years since its creation and still kicking *** :)

    Source(s): DBZ FO LIFE YO :)
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  • 8 years ago

    dbz all the way

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