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i need answers. because i dont like doctors.?

Do i have kidney stones?

i have problems with my ovaries too. But yesterday i went to the bathroom because it felt like i had to pee...But when i tried to use the bathroom it hurt really bad, it brought me to tears. And whenever i started using the bathroom a little white pebble like thing came out. It hurt so bad and it hurt even worse when i stand up. I dont know if that was something related to the problems with my ovaries because i have cysts, or it was kidney stones. i need some help because if i go to the doctor and it was not kidney stones or i already got rid of them then im going to look stupid. HELP?


@yahoo sweetheart....yes i have abdominal pain. it hurts bad.

Update 2:

@jared, thank you. that helped some. but my mom thinks that if i just lay off sodes then i will be fine, to just drink alot of water...:/

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    believe it or not, you can get bladder stones..just recently learned of this myself..& sorry, hon, if the reason you don't like doctors is cuz they are 'smarter' than you...your in for a rough life...they are there simply to treat conditions that you cannot treat yourself;; simply, you need antibiotics to get rid of this cuz it doesn't 'go away' on it's MIGHT just 'hide' & perk up later @ a more intense level, but it won't go away unless you're treated for it...& when you get to the doc, sincerely either ask them to speak in normal language, or simply ask the nurse to 'interpret' for you....sometimes the docs forget they are talking to people that don't 'speak' their language...happens all the time...but, all in all, sounds like you have a UTI, & have developed stones in the bladder...might or might not be coming from the kidney (usually sever back pain is an indicator of kidney stones), but the way you're describing this, it sounds like bladder stones with a urinary tract infection (& btw, the UTI could have caused the stones(..good luck, but doc required...bite your teeth & gain some more knowledge about yourself so you can take good care..K??

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  • Ok, you most deff. WONT look stupid! If its painful to pee, and you see white pebbles coming out, then something is wrong because thats not normal. I know you dont like going to doctors, but its for your own health. You need to find out whats wrong instead of letting it go. It sounds like it could be kidney stones, but im not exactly sure. Do you have abdominal pain as well?

    You should see a doctor just to be safe. Hope all is well dear.

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  • Anonymous
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    It certainly could have been a calcium deposit, aka: Kidney stone.

    Thing is, you don't always have just one. You could have several, and it would not be 'silly' to have passed a kidney stone and then go to the doctor or ER.

    They will need to run a CT scan (painless and quick) to check for more stones.. and you can give them your overall history and let them do their work.

    If you are in ANY remaining pain I would go. If not, go see a regular doctor at a clinic tomorrow to save some money.

    You can compare to this:

    Good source for Kidney stones.

    Take care,

    Source(s): ** Btw, you *can* pass kidney stones through urination. It is the only way you can pass them without surgery.
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  • 9 years ago

    Yes it sounds like kidney stones and yes you can pee kidney stones out, that's how you pass them! Go to the doctor if you can't get into the doctor go to the ER.

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  • Anonymous
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    You can't excrete(Pee) kidney stones, at least i think you can't. A Cyst is just a sac full of fluid. It could be a cyst, but you really should see a doctor. No doctor will take any medical question as a stupid question. Hey, Maybe you just need to take some antibiotics and be done with it.

    Source(s): A urologist may be able to help!
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  • 3 years ago

    swelling ankles is normally attribute of congestive middle failure (the incapacity of your middle to pump adequate blood in your complete frame) which ends up in fluid retention. The compensatory expand in sympathetic tone required to preserve an ample blood stress via vasoconstraction through alpha a million adrenergic receptors and the activation of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone method to expand fluid resorption within the kidneys continues arterial blood stress and factors fluid to acquire within the ankles. Your middle situation used to be on the whole exacerbated by means of a while in an below-pressurized plane cabin. Extra aspirin will on the whole now not aid, rather then to ensure you do not get deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot) from flying. I might put on compression socks or leggings (even as you fly subsequent time too), reduce out salt for just a little, and raise your ft, do a little ankle circles. Good good fortune.

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