Has anyone been through a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy?

I was offered a position at a state jail in Texas. I begin the 5 and a half week training academy in 3 weeks.

Has anyone been through it or know someone that has been through it? I was trying to figure out what it will be like.

Part of the information I have been given says that about 2-3 weeks will be just classroom time. The other couple of weeks will be doing cardiovascular training, learning defensive tactics, and being certified on firearms. The firearms include one handgun, one rifle, and one shotgun.

I was also wondering: since I am under 21 (by a couple of years) would they still make me get certified with the handgun seeing as how I can not legally carry one off duty? Or if the situation ever arose in the jail setting, would it matter if I am carrying a handgun in the jail?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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    9 years ago
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    No state jail in Texas, the counties run the jails. The state runs the prisons. Still need state TCLOSE certification for either.

    You learn to use the weapons that one uses in a prison or jail setting.

    Correct no off duty carry but when outside of population long weapons are often carried and used.

    On transfers sidearms are carried. When working all you need is over 18.

    You never ever actually carry a gun of any sort when you are among population.

    You will learn all this stuff in the academy

    Academics, firearms training and PT are not separate. You do all in the same day.

    Pay special attention to mental health issues when taught.

    Corrections is a hard job, especially on the officers emotions.

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    Yes retired from TDCJ-ID after 22 years and 5 years as a training Sgt at the Beeville Training Academy. Yes the State Of texas does have State Jails someone above does not know what they are talking about

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  • Anonymous
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    I would think in a jail setting it'd be important to be proficient in the use of stun baton since a lot of the time you are up close with prisoners rather than shooting distance.

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