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i want to be an environmental engineer?

but i dont think i can design things very well, like build a system to clean water, i cant do my question is; is designing and creating new ideas essential the the job of an environmental engineer?


like would the environmental engineer have to design the system all on his own?

and im not that good in math, is this a problem for env engineering?

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    Environmental Engineering implies that you must design facilities that are necessary to protect the integrity of the environment. Remember that the environment may be damaged

    in the forms of air, water and land masses. The job of the Environmental Protection Agency is to establish acceptable levels of damage or in their terms, pollution. The EPA has many environmental engineers but they are not normally involved in the actual design for prevention, but they do evaluate many plans to reduce pollution. As far as building a system or facility to accomplish this there are college courses that teach fundamentals which are the building blocks for more complicated facilities. Creativity is the practice of combining all these building blocks into a final design.

    Source(s): I am a retired chemical engineer and have practiced environmental engineering for almost thirty years. During this period, I have had the privilege to interface with many design firms as well as the EPA. I have been involved in research as well as the actual design and selection of equipment for various systems. The various designs can be copied from standard known systems or based on extensive research and testing to create the required facility. To determine if this field is in your interest, it is suggested to go to a library and search for literature that describes examples of environmental engineering. Find a local company that uses environmental engineering technology and try to call and talk to one of the engineers for suggestions.
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    They teach you the math and the best ways to design the stuff. You only have to be good enough at math to get through the calculus series, and if you get a good teacher that's not too bad. From what I have seen environmental engineers need to be good with chemistry. Most of what you will be doing as an environmental engineer is water filtration.

    Source(s): Civil engineer major
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    School just takes a good brain and gives it the basics of engineering. The job you get, the people there who help you and show you the ropes are the ones who teach you real engineering.

    School is just busy work and 80% of what you learn is worthless, except for exercising your brain. And nothing exercises your brain better than engineering. You will be an Olympic athlete by the time you graduate

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    That's why you go to school to become an engineer. They will teach you how to do that, plus a lot of other stuff that is kind of handy to know how to do.

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