Where can I find some other nice main street communities?

Right now I live just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and like to go on a drive from time to time just to explore and find neat places to visit. A few years ago, I found a nice little town called Madison, Indiana. Madison is a historic main street community with tons of family owned businesses lining its historic downtown area. It borders the Ohio River and has a river walk park along it which is great to walk along during the sunset. It also has a decent sized state park, Clifty Falls within five minutes of the town. I think Madison has done an excellent job keeping their larger business district (Walmart and so forth) separate from its historic downtown district.

So what I'm looking for are more towns like Madison, Indiana that I could visit. I would like to know of other towns with a larger main street community. Large parks next to it would be a plus. It would also be a plus to be within a five or six hour drive from Cincinnati, Ohio, but it's not necessary. I've tried searching the Internet over and over again for other Main Street communities, mainly in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, but to no avail. So do you know of any other towns in the US like Madison, Indiana?


I'm really looking for cities with more of a thriving business district. I enjoy walking around the cities and exploring the many family owned businesses of Madison. Some town's I have looked into so far (but have not been to yet) are Maysville, Kentucky and Oxford, Ohio. Vevay, Rising Sun, and Versailles are nice little towns, but much too small for my taste...

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    One of the lovelist places you will find very near to Cincinnati is Oxford. Its a university town, home of Miami University (my alma mater), founded in 1809. There is a state park very close, Huston Woods. Otherwise, on your way to Madison, you may have passed through Rising Sun and Vevay, Indiana, both of which are quaint and artsy. (Vevay is well known for its watermelon festive coming up soon). You almost had to go through Lawrenceburg on the way as well. Once you get off Hwy 50 and go to the town center it is quite nice. County seat, traditional courthouse on the square.

    North of Madison is Versailles, the county seat of Ripley County. The town square is picture-book stuff with the courthouse in the middle. It is well known for its Pumpkin Festival in the fall. Versailles State park is just out of the corporated limits. I haven't been to those areas for 40 years, but I bet they haven't changed too much. Madison was the "big city" to me as a child.

    Source(s): Born there. Picked a lot of corn and left.
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    Galena, Illinois.

    St. Charles, Missouri (the Katy Trail State Park runs through it)

    Nashville, Indiana (near Brown County State Park)

    All appear to have thriving downtown business areas in historic buildings.

    Some other towns that have interesting history and are worth a visit are New Harmony, IN (near Harmonie State Park), Metamora, IN and Hannibal, MO. There might not be as many thriving businesses, though.

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    Athens, Ohio is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. It's the home of Ohio University and has a very active arts community. It's located in southeast Ohio surrounded by hills that are absolutely gorgeous in the fall. There are several state parks nearby; Stroud's Run, Lake Hope, and Burr Oak Lake. Hocking Hills Is a short drive north of Athens. It's a fantastic place for a weekend visit, especially during football, basketball, and hockey seasons.


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