Would you have a happier life if you lived in Northern New Jersey or Northern Virginia?

Please provide me with a DETAILED answer, not a straightforward answer. I would like you to provide multiple reasons supporting your choice.

And please don't give me a dumb answer like "You should care about what you want, not what we want." Answer this question like you mean it.

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    10 years ago
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    Both have their pluses and minuses. I was raised in Alexandria, so I am biased. But the big pluses in my book are the weather -- much more mild winters, longer spring & summer on average -- the beaches, the state government, the general economy and the school systems.

    In general, VA has a very long history of being run with fiscally conservative leadership, both liberals and conservatives. Even in the most liberal areas -- like Northern VA and UVA / Charlottesville -- they tend to run a tight ship and focus on business rather than labor.

    NJ has some very good schools from bottom to top and VA has some stinkers, but on average VA is more consistently good with excellent filling the collegiate level across the board.

    If you live in the south or southwest now and hate the winter, VA will be much more acceptable to you than NJ. If you live in the north and love the winter, VA might be okay, but it is likely to be disappointing if you need a white Christmas every year.

  • 10 years ago

    never been to NJ but have been to Virginia. Nice area

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