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Top 5 PF's of All Time?

This is my list.

1. Tim Duncan

2. Karl Malone

3. Dirk Nowitzki

4. Kevin Garnett

5. Charles Barkley

TD - Obvious choice. 4 rings 2 Mvps. 3 Finals Mvps, his Defense. #28 on All Time Scoring

Karl Malone - Consistency, Defense, #2 in All Time scoring list, MVP

I think this is where it gets close.

Dirk - 11 Seasons of 50+ Wins. 1 Ring, 1 MVP, 1 Finals MVP. I calculated Dirk's scoring, and by the time he retires, he for sure will be in the top 10 All time Scoring. I see him making the playoffs until he retires, and he can make a few more runs. I put him ahead of KG because his ability to take over and carry a franhise to a championship. If you want to bring up primes and KG's def, look at the 2002 first round. Prime KG vs Young Dirk. Dirk won. #23 on All Time Scoring List.

KG - 1 Ring, 1 MVP, Defensive Player of the Year. I put him behind Dirk because he had to leave to win a ring. He had 2 Hall of Famers in Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on the back of their Primes. Dirk has never played with HOFer in their prime. Nash was young, and now kidd is old. #20 on All Time Scoring

Barkley - Beast on offense, No Def, 1 MVP, #18 on All Time Scoring List

Do you agree? Why or why not?

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    Tim Duncan-Has the titles, and is basically unguardable. Also an amazing defender. He can fill any need on any team. Extremely versatile.

    Kevin Garnett-Ok, if Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan had traded places, who's to say KG would not have won all those rings. KG is one of the most intense players to ever play. It shows he has a love for the game and will do whatever it takes to win. His intensity could rival that of Michael Jordan's who was the most competitive athlete ever. I think if KG wasn't screwed over by Minnesota he would have many more rings. One more thing. He could have quit or threatened to quit like Kobe but he stuck with it in Minnesota and eventually he got what he deserved in Boston.

    Dirk Nowitzki-In my opinion he is the most versatile offensive PF of all-time. He never had a good point guard in his prime like Malone, Barkley, and Duncan. He can create his shot better than anyone, and is virtually unguardable. He is basically the dream PF in any video game because of what he is able to do in real life.

    Karl Malone-Amazing player all-around. If he won even 3 titles it could understood if he was put ahead of Duncan as the greatest ever. I don't see what his excuse is though. He is the 2nd all-time leading scorer and he has almost won on numerous ocassions. I understand he was injured in 04 with the lakers but he when he played against the bulls he should have dominated. Yes, to be considered one of the greatest ever you have to be able to destroy Dennis Rodman, who was essentialy just a great rebounder.

    Bob Petit-He is the prototypical power forward. He invented the position, and was the first real great power forward.

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    1. Tim Duncan

    2. Karl Malone

    3. Kevin Garnett

    4. Dirk Nowitski

    5. Charles Barkley

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    1.Karl Malone

    2.Kevin Garnett

    3.Tim Duncan



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    HM- Kevin Mchale

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    there is nothing wrong with your list

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    exact same as yours

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