Is errorEND safe to download?

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it seems a little sketchy but the reviews look good.

anybody used it before?
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it's a SCAM
if you need a registry cleaner I recommend this
free,very simple and VERY EFFECTIVE reg cleaner.

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  • Sharon answered 2 months ago
    I called to get the program installed and got a sales pitch, for what I don't know as I cut him off when it became obvious he was selling something else. I kept the task manager he was showing me. He said that the computer was overworking. Interesting that it is not overworking now. I took error end off my machine. It did not take care of the issue it was recommended for, which made me suspicious.
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  • Donald answered 2 months ago
    They pretty much promise it will fix anything but it is just a registry cleaner. Did not solve the problem and although they offer a warranty it is a scam. I called twice and they promised a confirmatory email and and a refund but they just try and wear you down so you will give up. They never did a thing. Bad business!!
    The software may be safe but the sellers are not.


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  • Rodney answered 4 months ago
    Yes, I have. No problem. Word of warning: If you download and install and run it, it may show hundreds of registry errors, active X etc. Be very selective before deleting any errors. Untick any boxes for errors you are not sure of. Make sure a restore point is set before deleting any. Proceed with care !
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  • Jila Sobhani answered 5 months ago
    It is scam! I just paid 39.95 dollar for it and it didnt give me password
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