Guild Wars Water Ele for PvP?

I want to make a Water Ele for some relaxed (mostly RA) PvP, nothing too serious but I may dabble in some more organized PvP once in a while. I know it's not the strongest of the 4 elements but I want to be a useful Water Ele (snares, utility, etc.) while still doing a decent amount of damage and having a more direct impact on the tide of the match (being able to kill someone and not having to just snare him/her until a teammate can catch and kill him/her for me).

So far I haven't been able to find that balance between snares/utility and damage; I usually dedicate too many slots to damage spells and do a sub-par Fire/Air ele's job or I have too many snares and find myself sitting around, not as directly contributing as I'd like..

I have every game and EoTN.

Anyone have any ideas? I wanted to try something other than PvX so even if you just have a few interesting spells and combos, that's better than just reading something from PvX.. I've tried them all :P

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  • 10 years ago
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    Honestly, Water is more of a PvE build. For PvP, Earth handles a lot of damage reduction, Air can shut down(interrupt) casters(or spike weaker characters with massive damage), and Fire is used for AoE damage. Water doesn't really have a place in PvP from what I've seen.

    If you're deadset on using Water, you're better off focusing on slows/snares. Water isn't meant for damage.

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