Ideas to help Leukemia children?

I've always been interested in helping children with Leukemia but I just don't know where or how to start. I don't have much money to donate, but I want to do much more than just give money. Any ideas?

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    It's kind of hard to help JUST children with leukemia. Would you be open to helping children with any kind of cancer?

    I don't know how old you are, but if you are an adult, you can call your local children's hospital and ask if they take volunteers in pediatric oncology. You will need to apply and interview, and be trained. Volunteer responsibilities often include playing with children at bedside or in the playroom, watching kids so their parents can take a break, leading art projects or special events, reading to children, cleaning toys, rocking babies, etc.

    You could also call the children's hospital and ask to be connected to the pediatric oncology center, and speak to the social worker or child life specialist. The SW and CLS will be the most knowledgeable about ways you can help. I know that we are always in need of specific things, so I tend to suggest to people wanting to help: organize a gift card or small new toy drive, organize an art supply drive, make blankets (we love the fleece no-sew blankets, and also knitted blankets), make hats, put together craft kits, join us for our annual walk-a-thon, make Jared Boxes (

    A great way to get involved with childhood cancer is through CureSearch, which is the Children's Oncology Group. COG is the world's largest childhood cancer research organization. They create and maintain most of the protocols and studies for childhood cancer treatment. They also do walk-a-thons and other types of fundraisers and awareness events throughout the country. You can find more info at

    You may also want to look into local camps for kids with cancer. I know that our camp is always looking for volunteers to be counselors for one week during the summer. You can find this information out by calling the children's hospital and speaking to someone in the peds oncology department.

    We use volunteers throughout the year for other things, too. We have a huge holiday party every December and always need face painters, people do lead art projects, and people to help with gift sorting ahead of time. So ask your local hospital if this kind of thing exists there, as well.

    Do you have a special talent or interest? There's an organization called Splashes of Hope that paints murals in children's hospitals ( Are you a photographer, makeup artist, or hair stylist (professional for all)? Check out Flashes of Hope ( Are you a storyteller or musician? Ask the hospital if there's any way to get involved through that.

    Keep in mind that you likely won't be able to help just children with leukemia. We NEVER separate by diagnosis like that. We accept donations or volunteers to work with all of the children (in my area, that means kids with all sorts of cancer and blood disorders.)

    Source(s): Work in pediatric oncology.
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    first of all, do no longer borrow subject till you recognize for constructive. If it does finally end up that your son does have leukemia, that is important to bear in techniques that new medical advances to handle it are being progressed each and every of the time. it is not any longer a dying sentence. you may have a protracted street to return and forth, yet examine have shown that a favorable psychological attitude is basically as important as any classic drugs. it's going to be as much as you to maintain your son's spirits up. finally, bypass on line and do a Google or Yahoo seek for "early existence leukemia remedies" and initiate coaching your self. coaching is the final coverage that your son will acquire the final medical care. The greater you recognize, the greater you may properly be an lively participant in his care extremely than a "frightened mom." My techniques and prayers are with you.

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