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Is what they say about Male pattern baldness genetics completely true?

My mothers side are all completely bald since the age of 21, every man! for the past like 6 generations.

My Fathers side are completely the opposite, all holding there hair to old age

I'm 23, have an abundance of hair no signs of balding in the slightest, my hairs colour, complexion, hair line and thickness all take after my father.

I hear that genetics for male pattern baldness all come from the mothers side on the x chromosome, my question is why am i not bald? surely the father must have an effect one way or another?

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  • kwhip3
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    8 years ago

    The general answer is yes, baldness does come from the mothers side, however that is not a guarantee that you will get the chomozone. For example, my Grandfather (mothers side) was bald, my Grandfather (father side) was not. There is 3 boys in the family, 2 are bald, 1 is not.

    Natural genetics is a matter of probability and is not a preset condition. Things also change with time (evolution). There is no guarantee.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    From what I understand, it skips a generation. Both my grandfathers were bald (don't know when it happened), but my father (at 68) is not bald, neither is my brother or my cousins.

    However, I had the fun of starting to lose my hair at 17, so I had no hope of ever being attractive.

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