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Is what they say about Male pattern baldness genetics completely true?

My mothers side are all completely bald since the age of 21, every man! for the past like 6 generations.

My Fathers side are completely the opposite, all holding there hair to old age

I'm 23, have an abundance of hair no signs of balding in the slightest, my hairs colour, complexion, hair line and thickness all take after my father.

I hear that genetics for male pattern baldness all come from the mothers side on the x chromosome, my question is why am i not bald? surely the father must have an effect one way or another?

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    One thing that you have to remember is that your mom has 2 x-chromosomes which, unless she is bald as well, means that she has one x-chromosome with the gene for baldness on it and one x-chromosome with normal hair growth on it. The result is all her male offspring would have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the gene for baldness (and since you're not bald, that would be a good indication that you didn't get the gene for baldness). Hair colour, complexion, and to a point thickness and hair line are going to be a result of both parents depending on your genetic make-up and how your genes interact (recessive vs dominant etc). Hope that helps.

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    You're assuming that baldness is A) purely genetic and B) that only one gene controls it. Both are incorrect.

    Baldness can result from a lot of other things besides genes. Hair products, stress, scalp/follicle damage, and lack of care can all contribute to balding. I don't know your mother's family, though based on what you said, it's likely there's some genetic component to the baldness there.

    Also, many of the genes controlling hair growth are spread throughout the genome. Diet and environment can play a huge role in turning on and off the genes that would cause baldness.

    It's true that some common forms of baldness are on the X chromosome, in which case you'd be doomed for baldness -- presumably. There's the possibility that your mother never picked up that allele, or even that your mother (or even you!) experienced a mutation at those alleles to eliminate the baldness trait. And, as you noted, there could be something from your father's chromosomes that reduce or negate whatever protein expression (or lack thereof) that could be causing the baldness.

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    My maternal grandfather, full head of lush beautiful hair. My father is bald and I have the exact same hairline.

    It's bunk. I can show you photo after photo of men that look just like their fathers.

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