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You are all fools. Will you ever at least realize that?

I just got on here and started looking around. What do I see? a bunch of ignorant fools. All of you, without exception.

The people who really produce have the power. Not the Parasitic Unions, Not Lawyers, Not Federal Government Bureaucrat leaches. Not over entitled Union Teachers, not the scum running the Universities doing a crappy job of imparting useful and correct knowledge to our children. Especially not Politicians who work against the will of the people to take more power from the people for themselves to give them control over us. Not the scum in the Justice department bought off by big money supporters of democrat despots, or their IRS, ATF, and DEA thugs who think they are above the law and have been made so by the despots running our government contrary to our Constitution. Not the false environmentalists who are actually not worried about the environment but use it for a pretext to push a Communist agenda, stinking Watermellon environmentalists the democrats love so much. Not the activist Judges who know no law except their mobs own agenda and blow their noses on the Constitution.

Poverty, exploitation, etc breed all evils. There is lot of money on one side in fields like films, real estate, etc and cut throat trade competition, black money to be protected, criminal link of police and politicians.. all these add up to the weakness.

A Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption who was dynamic and became popular for raiding several depts where corruption was rampant in Karuna's period, was shifted by the CM in those days, to the shock of well meaning people! And a PM and HM chose a bureacrat involved in a criminal case, as the CVC which had to be undone with much strain by the top judiciary!

For every "productive one" that goes on strike, there are a dozen others in line for his job. Besides that, you forget the ones who do the fighting are not your chosen ones. Why would they protect you for peanuts, when it is easier to rob you and take your place? It's time to take back, to take out the trash, to let the Middle Eastern and European Powers buying our politicians and officials, our entertainment industry, our colleges ... to keep their influence over on their side of the pond, or else they will face consequences that hostile forces do that attack our country, because that is what they are after all.

Yes, it is also much populated and a challenge to have surveillance with the already over strained police, suffering interference of power centres, corrupt top brass and lack of high tech assistance at grass roots! The routine police beats are nearly absent in most towns, the police being diverted to VIP security, special duties etc! So movement of criminals is seldom monitored effectively at micro levels!

A Director of Vigilance and Anti Corruption who was dynamic and became popular for raiding several depts where corruption was rampant in Karuna's period, was shifted by the CM in those days, to the shock of well meaning people! And a PM and HM chose a bureacrat involved in a criminal case, as the CVC which had to be undone with much strain by the top judiciary!

You all obviously don't understand capitalism.

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    Oh, but I do understand Capitalism which is exactly the reason I think it needs to be kept in check. Read your history. Every time Capitalism goes unchecked by government the entire society that is there falls and almost always devastatingly. Rome, Mesopotamia, the once Great Greek and Syrian Empires all owe their demise to rampant out of control Capitalism. Just look at what the Great Robber Barons of the 19th Century almost did to the USA.

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    Obviously you have a pathetic, unhappy life and you're embracing your anger to write this BS. It means nothing. Don't understand capitalism and all the evils that go with it. Try getting a job, keep it awhile, take care of your family, and let it develop some pride and self worth. Life isn't about changing the world. Its about finding ways to ignore the evils, find ways around them, and absorbing only the things that make us all happy inside. The world will always be full of evil. The important thing is to keep it from getting inside us. Obviosly you are doing poorly at this. You can change it anytime you like. Just hope it doesnt destroy you or someone else first.

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    You my dear are the one lacking understanding. Along with your tenuous grasp of reality it makes for a deeply troubling mix. I would advise you to educate yourself, however with your head lodged so deeply in your rectum that would pose a distinct problem.

    You're illogical ranting and blind hatred do a disservice to those of us actually trying to expose the wrongs within our society. Blindly screeching as you did gives more power to those you claim to oppose.

    If you ever get back on your meds, look me up, I would be more than happy to educate you in regards to what capitalism truly is, and what is really holding the nation back from restoring her former glory.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well Thanks! I'll treasure your opinion for the rest of my life. Welcome to Yahoo Answers. Maybe a refreshing bowl of ice cream will make you feel better. I mean Jason Morris said we are all fools, all hail Jason, he knows all and sees all. To bad you are not one of those really producing anything more than a blowhards rant. But with that being said, Have a nice weekend!

  • 8 years ago

    It is with great relief that I discovered that Mr. Morris' fooldom existed in another place entirely so that I and, indeed, the greater majority of humankind do not fall under his indictment. It appears that he is referring strictly to the chaos of government in Outer Qwghlm of which there is little enough (government or Outer Qwghlm). In fact, in the last election neither citizen actually voted and the study of taxation in that land is obscure, chilly, wet, rocky, windy and very foggy.

    I do sympathize, Mr. Morris.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1) Insulting your audience before they even read your rant is not a good way to get ppl to listen to you.

    2) This is not a question, just another rant.

    3) Your rant isn't going to change anything.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Since you just got here,maybe you should be careful calling people names.Some don't like it.

    Any way why are you yelling?

  • 8 years ago

    Well put friend. And may I add. Marijuana should be legal haha.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Way too wordy.

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