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Question for Liberals? When all is said and done, who ultimately pays ALL taxes on Big Business in the form of?

Higher Prices for Goods and Services?

The Rich?

The Poor?

The Middle Class?

All of the above?


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    To the libs that need a Economics 101 class's called C.O.G. Cost of Goods Sold is all added up and factored into what a consumer pays. The COG also includes ALL business operational taxes & expense liabilities to operate which is then factored in the price of any item from any business or industry purchased by any customer from a Big Mac to a Mac truck. The price point that a customer pays that's beyond the COG amount is called a pre-tax profit. Get it?

    Class dismissed. seems that a few thumb downing libs still refuse to learn basic high school economics. And they wonder why DC is on the verge of having the country have its credit rating downgraded by Moodys.

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    When big business is unable to find a loophole or other tax evasive maneuver, they do sometimes end up paying taxes to this government we call the United States of America.

    This initially reduces their profit and can result in lower dividends to their stockholders.

    They could raise the price on their product if they had a monopoly, but if they are in a competitive market it could reduce their sales.

    The realistic approach would be to bribe their Washington representatives into creating a friendly loophole to enable them to escape their tax responsibility.

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    The capitalists, those who own the means of production, pay taxes on business. It reduces their profits, so they prefer lower taxes.

    Even income tax is in reality paid by the employers, since workers' wages (the price of their labour power) is their take-home pay, not some fictional figure on their pay slip.

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    Consumers, all of the above. Liberals don't understand that when businesses are highly taxes, the cost of their goods and services go up, demand goes down, and hence a recession begins. Then liberals want to bail out the same companies that fail. Pure stupidity.

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    final time I regarded we've been nonetheless a capitalistic united states. His holiness could have replaced it interior the final couple of hours, yet i've got no longer heard approximately it. In a capitalistic society you pay for the completed value of the product(s) plus with a bit of luck a basic quantity for income. yet i assume in case you're backside feeders, you opt for each thing for no longer something.

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    True. Taxes are just another expense item to a business, along with salaries, plant, and equipment.

    Which is why so many companies are moving to China, or anywhere, to pay lower taxes.

    When you raise the taxes from 35% to 100% you have reached the Communist ideal.

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    I don't know? who?

    when Bush sent taxes down... ALL THE PRICES DIDN'T DROP? why? oh, supply and demand, anyone who's had economics 101 knows that, right?

    well, why don't those same forces hold down prices increases when taxes are raised?

    hint: they do...

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    all of the above as costs are passed onward to the consumer

    Source(s): Paul Grass, PhD Verminology Level 7 YA user/if in doubt check the level out May God bless you ,the USA and may God keep us safe from the progressive axis of evil;0bama,Pelosi & Reid
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    so basically what you are saying is that companies should not have to pay taxes since they pass it on to us anyway and we...the people....should shoulder the burden of taxes alone......hmm...great thinking there........fair....

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    10 years ago

    Obama !

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