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Are the Norse gods dead?

I wonder how many people today are norse pagan,is this religion dead?Will i really go to valhalla if i belive i will,after die in combat?

More people today take Jesus for "Turn the other cheek"

But i take Odin for "Kill him,His wife,kids,and burn down his village"

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    I think Miss Dementia is a Nordic heathen. Stay on this site long enough and you'll catch some of her answers.

    The Norse religion isn't about belief. Whether you believe it or not, if you die in combat you're going to Valhalla.

    The Norse gods won't die until Ragnarok, which hasn't happened yet. Although Loki's working on it...

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    I know this question has already been answered many times, but the truth is the "religion" isn t exactly dead. It is definitely more of a mythology nowadays than a religion, but there are still some people that follow it like one.

    One thing to keep in mind, is that Norse mythology is incredibly old, so there are plenty of things that certain details will vary depending on who you talk to. Some historians and mythologists will tell you that if you were to go back in time and talk to the Vikings, they would tell you that Ragnarok already happened and we are living in a post apocalyptic world, which means the only living Aesir would be Baldur and Hodur. Some might say that Ragnarok is yet to happen, but it all depends on what you believe.

    The thing is, it s all really just a product of the human psyche. Religion and myth are mostly things created by our minds and our collective consciousness (sometimes called the super-conscious). Myths are stories created to help orient a person to the world at large. And each god and archetypes represents an aspect of human nature, the hero archetype represents each of us as an individual, and every other archetype mostly represents some force in our lives. The truth is, there is some greater being out there that influences our lives, but the face that you put to it mostly does not matter. The truth is, gods are more in our minds than they are in the sky, but that doesn t make them any less real.

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    Norse God Of The Dead

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    No the norse gods are alive and well thanks to the revival of beliefs and strangely enough to snorri the christian monk who was nice enough to record the old myths and sagas.

    Even though odin is a wrathful god he is also the god of poetry and wisdom and besides the norse gods dont require that you kneel before them when people give worship to them they do it standing and proud.

    Also if you dont die in battle you can still go to asgard the realm where valhalla is Thor is known to take people into his halls and the same with many of the other gods. And even if you went to Hel she has to provide you with lodging only murderers, nithings and oath breakers are punished

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    It still exists but it's not the original

    religion of the Norse people... before

    the gods you mention were imported

    by Kurgan invaders around 4000 BCE

    the Norse people worshiped a peaceful

    Mother Goddess... as did all of Europe

    and the Middle East.

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    The Viking Religions (Odinism, Asatru etc) were never fully stamped out. They lived on in places like Greenland, Iceland, Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. They are also one of the few pagan/heathen religions that actually have a written history.

    Only the righteous of those slain in battle are delivered unto Val Halla. Valkyries pick and choose among the battlefield dead to only send those who are worthy enough to Val Halla, to await the final battle at Ragnarok.

    So no you will not necessarily go to Val Halla if you are killed in combat.

    Also your concept of Odin is completely wrong.

    Source(s): US Army Scout Celtic Pagan
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    Not at all, they're just shy.

    Something about not pushing themselves into the lives of people; you might have to do some searching, perhaps not the first summoning ritual you come across will work at all.

    Okay, kiddo, then how you know your god is a god at all and not some demon incarnate?

    You don't - for all you know the situation might be inverted.

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    It is still deep in the minds of the Norse as it always was from the beginning! No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of ones properly brainwashed mind! A PROVEN FACT!!!

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    Norse gods are not dead, but they were never gods to begin with. They were demons usurping Jehovah's/Jesus' rightful authority by posing as gods.

    They're willing take on any form the people want to see, whether Odin or Zeus or Jupiter or any of the other gods that people can be duped into worshiping instead of worshiping the one true Creator God.

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    8 years ago

    Te religions may still be "alive" somewhere, but the Norse gods are just as dead as every other god.

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