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Sony Cybershot DSC-W370 Display?

Okay so this have been very frustrating for me. Ive been trying to get my digital camera(DSC-W370) to work for the past few hours. Here's the problem the camera display screen only works for a few seconds after being turned on and then it turns black. The battery is fully charged. I have tried using the DISP button but no luck on that and i have also done a manual reset also the screen(not sure if i did it the right way) is COMPLETElY blank no words or any icons. So yea any help would be greatly appreciated since the camera is past its warranty.

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    You should check a technician.

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  • 3 years ago

    they are the two effective, elementary little digicams with very almost comparable specs. the sony expenses extremely greater (despite the fact that if the photos wont be to any extent further helpful). i've got have been given by utilising no potential enjoyed the type area of the sony T-sequence- with the sliding conceal, or the adherence to their proprietary reminiscence sticks. so- on those minor factors, i could desire to pass with the Canon. till ultimately you merely like an inner lens format- then the Sony is for you. in spite of the shown actuality that- for that value- which you're able to desire to to examine the SD700IS or 800IS (for 28mm extensive perspective). the image stabilization may well be greater sensible than the version between 6 and seven Mpix. Plus, you get a 4x zoom fairly of a 3x. Or, for an indoor, social digital camera, you will do greater helpful with a fuji F31fd. it is have been given 2-3 stops greater helpful low comfortable usual overall performance and 580 photos from a can charge on the battery. candy.

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  • Elvis
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    9 years ago

    it needs repaired by sony

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