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How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

will the condition be better than now or worst??

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    Human race has shown remarkable resilience and managed to survive thus far.

    Threats of nuclear war, biological catastrophe, and climate change now bring into question as to how humanity can continue to survive.

    The larger question is how will humanity survive, which is what is asked. It's very likely that the resources of today may no longer be available in a century. But consider the resources available today that were not available a century before. As stated before, we are an adaptable species, and when one window of resources closes, it's likely that other windows will be openable.

    The melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice reduces the amount of solar energy that is reflected back into space and so increases the temperature further. The rise in sea temperature may trigger the release of large quantities of CO2, trapped at the bottom of the ocean, which will further increase the greenhouse effect. Let's hope we don't end up like our sister planet Venus with a temperature of 250C and raining sulphuric acid. There are other dangers, such as the accidental or intentional release of a genetically engineered virus. Each time we increase our technological powers, we add new possible ways in which things could go disastrously wrong. The human race faces an increasingly dangerous future

    The long-term survival of the human race will be safe only if we spread out into space, and then to other stars. This won't happen for at least 100 years so we have to be very careful till then.

    till then preserve this earth for our future generations to atleast feel that its earth as they see in books.

  • manish
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    8 years ago

    I am not sure about the condition of human race in the coming years but I am sure it will survive far beyond the next hundred years. My belief is based on the fact that human beings are equipped with the wonderful power to exist as well as with the power of changing the world according to their needs.

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    I agree to the below answer and he has very correctly stated:

    Survival seems to be very difficult keeping in view what we have done with enviornment and nature. Conditions will get worst only unless no drastic steps is taken.

    We are polluting water

    we are making Air pollution

    we are making Sound pollution

    we are polluting everything and reducing green and converting Green area to desert area, so survival will be difficult unless we take some very drastic steps.

  • The universe is naturally corresponding with its unique elements inhabiting it..

    It is giving more time to acquire greater knowledges to navigate nature's worst and best possibilities in further future. In order to survive..

    Hence, human beings will learn on how to adapt to meet the uncertainties pending. By the use of their own better creations and productivities. That in time it may also allow, as it will be highly benificial for the living creatures and to the things that are connected into it..

    We aren't moving backwards. Even from the horrid falls from such unexpected dilemmas. Human beings could still obtain greater lessons from it..

    I hope..I could debate on this properly..

    Though the only thing that is certain is change..

    People aren't too dumb to know on how should survival go..

    Best of luck..!!

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  • 8 years ago


    No matter how much we pollute and destroy the environment here on this planet, unless we blow it up, we cannot damage the earth! Sure we might wipe out all of the plants and animal that exist today (including ourselves) but within another 10 or so million years the bacteria will repair the damage and the whole cycle can begin anew.

    So go ahead, argue the point, pollute the environment, over populate, over eat, over use; do whatever, but don't worry about the earth. It doesn't need us or our help. It will be fine - eventually!

  • 8 years ago

    I think, We could not Predict the SURVIVAL of Human Race for Next Hundred Years.

    Because,We could not Predict Our Personal life for Next Minute or Next day, Any thing can Happen at any Seconds of TIME.But We can plan for Our life,It may be Run smoothly as We like, or It May not be.

    Governments It self, are Could not do any thing as they Planned, So, With Changing Situations and Changing Circumstances with Changing Climates and Accumulating Natural Disasters, I Could Not Predict How YOU will be Alive for Next 100 years? as 55 years Woman, Definitely, I will say, I will Not Be Here.

  • 8 years ago

    Survival seems to be very difficult keeping in view what we have done with enviornment and nature. Conditions will get worst only unless no drastic steps is taken.

  • 8 years ago

    the human race will survive like it has for the past 100 years. there were issues back then and there are issue now too. :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    human race will surely survive forever until this world ends , but condition will be keep on going worst , there will be many crimes , murders , cheating , terrorism and all evil things will happen , dharma will declining and adharma prevails every where . at last god destroys these evil forces by taking kalki avatar . :)

  • 8 years ago

    The weather is getting much extreme. The condition will get much worst.

    two ways:

    1. accept extinction

    2. continue our evolution with the help of technologies.

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