Native americans and bigfoot?

Ive been making some research and alot of tribes said that their ancestors used to interact with biggfoot before and during the colonisation of the US. After that most lost contact. My theory is that bigfoot is actually an intelligent creature and is afraid of the white man and jas gone into hiding and stays away from us. Some are very curious, but they have learned to stay away from us because of what our ancestors did to their friends.

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    Stop calling it 'bigfoot' and start calling it 'sasquatch, North America's undiscovered Great Ape' and you might have more acceptance.

    The sasquatch has always been an accepted part of the local wildlife in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Numerous tribes have names for it, and stories of it. They interacted with it historically mainly by chasing it away from the salmon drying racks. They maintain superstitions about it just as they do all other animals. Some believe it is a brother race of man, others that it comes from another dimension, and still others that it is a monster that eats children.

    Watch the Patterson Video if you want to see one. Watch 100 other videos of actual hoaxers being goofballs and trying to fake this and you will clearly see the difference. Nobody has been able to replicate the Paterson video since it was shot in 1967, because it shows a real adult female sasquatch. A human in a suit is easy to spot after about 5 seconds, and the creature's arms are clearly too long to be human. The creature in that video left 14 inch tracks that were indented into the sand. Humans later trying to replicate this barely made any impression in that sand.

    Track sets have been found that show a different foot shape in every track, indicating a flexible, living foot, not a hoaxer with 30 different feet on his back (give me a break).

    There is AMPLE food for even a large population alone to survive in the hundreds of miles of dense forest and mountain terrain of British Columbia, Canada alone. Millions of tons of berries alone go uneaten every year. Large apes would not strip the foilage bare, they are not vast herds of herbivores. Do the mountain gorillas strip the slopes of the mountains they live on bare? Of course not.

    Why have we not found it by now? We have. Numerous hunters and hikers run into them every year. They are laughed at by the police, media, and uninformed people who have not researched the facts properly.

    Why have we not found a body? How many bear bodies have you found in the woods? They outnumber the sasquatch by at least 10,000 to 1. Hunters have (rarely) shot at them and killed them even rarer still. They then run for their lives in terror for shooting a man-like thing that nobody believes in.

    There are dedicated individuals who are researching and gathering evidence every day. I investigate reports on Vancouver Island, BC. If you have a sighting, or find tracks or other evidence, please contact me, at viinvestigations at bcscc dot ca

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    Native Americans And Bigfoot

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    Think, Bigfoot, okay? If there ever was such a creature, the footprints would have been pure evidence of its existence. As elusive as the creature now appears to be, what is left? A few bones and prints, maybe. It is possible that a type of ape crossed the land bridge to America from Asia along with human beings. Why not? They could have become extinct early on, or persisted until modern times, either way it could give rise to the legends we now know. Btw, you are generalizing when you speak of Native Americans. They don't like that as there are many tribes and they all have their own beliefs.

  • I have heard about the Native Americans interacting with bigfoots. I believe the interactions between the two species happen because the they both respect each other. Native Americans have a way of life and thinking that is much more open minded and spiritual than most others. The bigfoots are most likely trusting and understanding of the spirituality of the Native Americans.

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    I wasn't going to answer this cause of all the "scientists" that made all their comments but since you did ask about Natives and Bigfoot, I'll answer based solely off being a member of a Tribal Nation and will share MY Tribes beliefs. My people believe Bigfoot is a spirit that can travel between the spirit world and ours, thats why he is rarely seen and bones or anything solid is ever found of him.

    Source(s): Oglala Lakota
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    I can tell you what I think Sasquatch is, but it comes from a religious point of view and many people would scoff.

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    Listen to me and understand this and that is the Native American compromised is that you leave big foot alone and they will leave us alone.... And that is how the Native American found their balance with nature........ Also I have never read or heard about any Native Americans inviting a big foot into their homes.......... And believe it or not the Native Americans have been in America for well over 50,000 to a 100,000 years ago, And you can see their contact with the big foot and other very strange creatures in their drawing and totem-poles designs....

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    Bigfoot does not exist. If at some point in history Bigfoot did exist he/she is dead and gone. whether or not Bigfoot was one creature or a whole species, they don't exist. I'm a pretty open guy about this kind of stuff but there has never been any concrete evidence that there is a Bigfoot.

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    You you think Big Foot is one of Geronimo's posse still out there running from the Feds?

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    I think that bigfoot likely diverged from humans last common ancestor about 2.3 million years ago. Males may retain a Y chromosome from modern humans who have an ancestor from France about 15 thousand years ago probably when bigfoot interbred with the clovis people. I guess this from rumors about DNA evidence that is supposed to be released pretty soon after it is finished through the peer review process. I am wondering what people who say they don't exist are going to say after that. Are they going to claim that they believed in it all along? I think you are probably pretty close to the truth. Native Americans did interact in less than friendly ways at times based on their stories and myths but they largely tried to avoid contact and treated them with respect. People that don't understand the evidence usually are pretty clueless the vast amount of Native American evidence from stories, pictographs, totems and carvings exist. There is either something in the human psyche that makes them generate large hairy stinking nocturnal hominids in the minds or there is a real thing and oh year, those imaginary beings leave footprints and other evidence. It is easy to just brush it off and say they don't exist but it reveals an arrogance and ignorance of the evidence and a condescension toward native Americans IMO.

    I had an anthropology professor who showed me a 100 year old carving of Kushtaka. To her it was a forest spirit. To me it was so obviously a bigfoot. I once had to do an excavation in Palm Springs which surprisingly is right next to a very good bigfoot habitat, Mt. San Juacinto. Shoshone legend suggest that Taquitz, a giant hairy nocturnal stinking cannibal lived in a cave near Lily Rock near present day Idlewild. To dig in Palm Springs, two elders and a younger member of the tribe that owned the land had to make a tribute to Taquitz. The younger guy told me the story. I went to the library to check it out and looked in a book on Shoshone myth and legend and it didn't mention bigfoot but it certainly described Taquitz as I just described it. It is just one of literally hundreds of names that Native Americans have for bigfoot. Sasquatch is just one or more correctly just a derivation of one.

    Note: I come back and see 5 thumbs down. Everything I wrote was factual yet there is something about this subject that bring the ignorant of the closet thinking they are informed. I see Bearclaw also got 6 thumbs down and he had the opposite take so maybe people just don't like people who are sure of their position.

    There are three subjects, bigfoot, ufos and ghosts. You are supposed to laugh at anyone who looks at the evidence and ignore all evidence for any of these subjects. I you dare take any of them seriously you are mocked. As I stated, those are the same ignoramouses who will claim that they believed in it all along. I am not kidding about the DNA evidence either. There are the leaks of the information that you would expect from this type of evidence, lots of bickering about how and when to release it, and it is from multiple sources. They certainly don't like leaks. The evidence was given to a certified lab and it was processed and reported. It is just a matter of waiting for it to be released. It is like what happened with Homo floresiensis the so called Hobbit of Indonesia. At first their will be massive denial from the usual suspects but eventually the weight of the evidence will prevail. Facts are stubborn things.

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