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13 year old girl birthday party ideas?

my little sister is turning 13 and has no clue what do to for her birthday party. about fifteen girls will be coming. where should she have it? if she has it at home, what should the girls do? also, please no sleepovers or pool parties. thanks :)

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    for my 13th birthday, i took some close friends and went manatee swimming, and had the best experience of my life. but, since you have 15 girls that's gonna be kinda hard.

    I know some people just invite a bunch of people and they just party at their house, nothing special to it- Music, food, party games, and wii, and they say it's a blast, so you could just do that. :)

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    How about a scavenger hunt or a little kid themed party? I know it seems a little babyish but its a great way to celebrate because it would be heap of fun and great for alot of people =).

    Scavenger hunt: theres a couple of different ways you could do this

    -around your suburb. Split the group into 2 teams (7 people in one and 8 in the other) try have 1 person who lives/knows the suburb in each team e.g parent/girl who lives there. Make sure there is a parent in each team but have them just hang behind so the girls can do their own thing. For the scavenger hunt you can find some stores pretty close to you like a dvd/video store and ask them if they could keep a clue for you. Set up the clues around the neighboor hood with an activity at each clue. Make the girls take a video of them doing the activity. At the last clue ave the activity something crazy e.g swimming in the ocean/jumping into a pool or sticking an ice cream on their head.

    - This one if similar to the first one but if you have 2 cars and 2 parents/adults who know the city you live in, you can set up a scavenger hunt around the city. Have the girls go to a different place for each clue (The adult to drive them around). At each stop have an activity. The activity can be to do with the place (maybe a store) or just something random to do in public! Make sure the girls take photos.

    - At a mall have the girls find clues at different stores for different items. For example have the girls read a list of clues describing a store and an item in it e.g forever 21 as the store and crochet shorts as the item. Then the girls have to find the store and item and then find the next clue on it. But before the girls can do the next clue they have to have at least one of the members in the group try the item on and take a pic. The first group to finish wins!

    For the little kid party you can do heaps of activities:

    - rent a bouncy castle!

    - pinata

    - little kid food e.g fairy bread haha

    - pass the parcel

    - musical chairs

    - pin the tail on the donkey (or for a twist put the lipstick on the daddy)

    - any more fun games you can think of!!

    Wish your sister a great 15th bday now!

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    Are you the 13-year old by any chance? Because my mother would never consider those party ideas "not too expensive" Anywho, to answer your question, how bout laser-tag? That's always fun! Or maybe bowling or a mall scavenger hunt (hey, it's more fun than it sounds) ✿

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    Spa/Makeover party. Like you can do home-made facial, mani and pedi etc.

    Pizza party. Home made or take out. Always good.

    Camp out party. Have a camp out in the back yard maybe? Fun.

    Or simply hangout. Play truth or dare, prank calls etc.

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    well.. every 13 year old girl likes to have sleepovers... butt... thats just you maybe you will give into it after i give my idea. because i have two little sisters and i was 13 once...

    me PERSONALLY. would have the girls over.. and treat them to a spa/makeover kind of theme... give them all makeovers.. or self made pedicures... i know when i was little i always wanted to do the green face mask with the cucumbers over there eyes! maybe make a homemade craft like bath salts for the tub.. or things like that! hope i helped! :)

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    movie party --at theatre or you could make your own "theatre" at home with popcorn and turn the living room into a super comfy area...have them get tickets

    scavenger hunt

    craft party -- make a few cute cheap crafts (decorating picture frames)


    horseback riding


    spa/makeover day -- gather old makeup and beauty products from your friends and youself to let the girls make each other over

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    Hollywood theme :) have them dress up like famous people! Or like a murder mystery party? Have the girls get all dressed up kind of old fashioned. & get like a person to pretend to die & set up clues all over the house! It will be a total blast!

    Source(s): I'm a teenage girl
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    Maybe at a restaurant, they all can eat together and later theyll bring in the cake and itll be great! after you can maybe go to the movie theatre with them!! i had that for my 12 birthday and it was amazing :)

    Happy early birthday!! <3

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    Rock Climbing. That's what I did for my b-day in 2010 ;D

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    8 years ago



    laser tag

    rock climbing

    fancy restraunts

    shopping centre scavenger hunt

    spa day

    get your nails done



    Source(s): ive done these in the past.. super fun !
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