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Washington State v. Oregon?

what are the major differences? I want to move to the northwest and i have narrowed the search down to these two states. Which is better in regard to:




keep in mind i like cloudy rainy weather. any input would be appreciated thanks.

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    Both Washington and Oregon are big states. The answers to a lot of your questions depends on where in each of these states you are considering.

    Washington state is basically split into 2 parts weather-wise. The west half where Seattle is located is grey and damp with moderate temperatures most of the year. The east half is much drier, with hotter summers and colder winters.

    Western Washington tends to be more liberal, Eastern Washington more conservative. On the west side you can expect Suburban and urban towns/cities from Olympia to Everett/Marysville along the I5 corridor. If you are looking for a "small town", you need to be further north/south of this area or be willing to look further east away from the freeway.

    I'm sure to get some disagreement over this, but taxes in Washington state aren't that bad. There is no income tax. Sales tax is high at about 8.5% (varies from town to town), property taxes are about average. It will cost you a couple hundred dollars to register your car each year, and due to gasoline taxes our gas is on the high end of the national average.

    Oregon has similar weather to Washington's - the eastern half is drier and with more extreme temperatures, the west is more damp and grey. Portland tends to be a bit hotter in the summer and a bit colder in the winter than Seattle gets. Oregon has no sales tax, but does have an income tax and somewhat higher property taxes.

    People-wise the are similar. Many will tell you that Portland's somewhat smaller city gives it a more welcoming feel, and they're probably right.

    A lot of people claim to like cloudy/rainy weather, but it's still a bit of a shock to get through the first few winters here. Even now in July we aren't getting temps out of the 60's most days. But the wet and cool temps don't stop us either - there are lots of outdoor activities near both cities, and most people will schedule outdoor activities regardless of the weather. Goretex and fleece are important wardrobe staples for many!

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    Both are very similar.

    Both states are seperated by the Cascade mountains. The western side has mild climate. The eastern side is drier with hot summers and cold winters.

    People tend to be very liberal in the Metro areas like Portland and Seattle and much more conservative in the other areas.

    Not sure about taxes, but I do know that Oregon doesn't have sales tax, but Washington does.

    Oh, and in Orgeon you can't pump your own gas. You have to let the attendant pump it. It's the law.

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