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Why are a growing number of Americans becoming intolerant towards Muslims?

Muslims in the US:

There are apprx somewhere between 5 mill to 7 million Muslims in the US. (and growing).

Muslims have been in the US since the 1700s. There were Muslims who fought in the CIVIL WAR!!!!! ( Muhammad Ali ibn Said aka: Nicholas Said is one example.)

Alexander Russel Webb is believed to be the first Anglo White convert to Islam in 1888

John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, have all praised and respected the Mahomaten faith (Muslim faith.) They have written about it in their books.

Alot of African slaves brought to the US were originally Muslims.

Islamic Relief is a US Muslim organization that helped victims in Hurricane Katrina, Japan Earthquake, and many other disasters in the US and worldwide.

In a 2004 telephone survey of a sample of 1,846 Muslims conducted Zogby, the respondents were more educated and affluent than the national average, with 59% of them holding at least an undergraduate college degree.

Muslims are in fields of Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Professors, Dentists, etc.

2005, according to the New York Times, more people from Muslim countries became legal permanent United States residents — nearly 96,000

More than one quarter (25%) of American Muslims are converts (white and black).

For nearly 300 years, Muslims have lived peacefully among other Americans, and have joined the army, have contributed to society, have been at the forefront of scientific discovery alongside American Atheists, Christians and Jews.

But since 9/11 and 10 years later, here is the average distorted view of Muslims:

Only 19% of Americans have a favorable view of Islam.

Pew report 2009 noted that nearly six-in-ten American adults see Muslims as being subject to discrimination, more than Mormons, Atheists, or Jews.

Muslim Politicians:

Keith Ellison- D-MN

Andre Carson- D- IN

Larry Shaw- D - District 21

Saqib Ali- District 39

Saghir Tahir - District 9

Rashida Tlaib - District 12

Ako Abdul Samad, Iowa State Rep

Jamilah Nasheed, Missouri Rep

Talibdin El-Amin, Missouri Rep

Rodney R. Hubbard, MO State Rep.

Yusuf Salam, Alabama Assembly

Nasim Ansari, MI, Kalamazo County Commissioner

Muhammad Khairullah

Wayne Smith - Mayor of Irvington NJ

Aslon Goow Sr.,- Councilman NJ

Mayor Abdul “Al” Haidous, Wayne, MI

Councilman Hassan Fahmy, Prospect Park, NJ

City Councilman Shahab Ahmed Hamtramck, MI

City Councilman Abdul Algazali Hamtramck, MI

Trustee Syed Taj, Canton Township, MI


So tell me WHY Muslim Americans have been harrassed, violiated, insulted, and alienated by the Media, by Republicans, and by a growing number of Americans?

I have always loved this country and I refuse to let bigots and idiots ruin the true meaning of USA, which is TOLERANCE, JUSTICE, and FREEDOM.

Please please dont believe the propoganda and the growing number of Islamophobes you hear. The vast majority of American Muslims have always been patriots to this great nation and have contributed greatly to this country throughout history.

Muslims died on 9/11

Muslim firefighters helped victims of 9/11

Muslim FBI and CIA officers are trying to stop terrorism

Muslims are the ones who turn in anyone that they believe are a threat to national security.

Even mothers have turned in their radical sons. Fathers have turned in their radical children. This happens all the time. READ OBJECTIVE NEWSPAPERS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Radicalization is not limited to one faith. It is growing in all societies, of all faiths, and all groups of people. Muslims are fighting against radicalism alongside everyone else.



I understand what most of you are saying and those cases you are bringing up are horrendous and definitely negative towards Islam BUT the majority of those incidents are CULTURAL and not Islamic. Plus there are just sick radical people out there. Unfortunately the media spends most of their focus on Muslim incidents.

We dont talk about the Priests who have molested countless numbers of children. Or the man who locked up his daughter in the basement and raped her every day.

OR all those people who kill their children or do something crazy and then say "Jesus/God told me to do it."

We only focus on the Muslims ofcourse...

Update 2:

Elected Muslim Politicians:

History of Muslims in America wayyy back:

Muslims are highly educated in the US:

Muslims eager to fight against terrorism and keep nation safe:

Update 3:

@Heartman ; CALM DOWN!!! You clearly dont know me at all. I can go hours talking about the sickness of war. I can make a whole other question for that topic. Im actually the same as you, except, I AM ORIGINALLY FROM AFGHANISTAN. I know what my people have been through. So please dont call me a phony. Thank you for caring about 3rd world country children. Most people dont, they just call them "little terrorists who deserve to die" so they can sleep well at night. THANK YOU. You have a big heart. <3

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    Thomas Jefferson said the he was sad to think all of these Americans that read the newspapers were going to die thinking they knew what was going on in their time. That about says it all. We are lied to all the time, all they have to do is lie to us 6 x and they brag how gullible that we are, that we will believe them. We have always been told the faces of who to hate.

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    You're right about all that stuff, but I think it comes down the fact responsibility for the 9/11 attacks did fall to the badly interpreted and distorted view of the Muslim scripture, not that of other faiths. I'm sure if the attack was lead by an extremist group of Jews then they'd now be facing the same problems. Plus, looking across at a lot of Muslim countries, things are seriously wrong, the scripture is being abused and misread to keep people from being free in a lot of devout countries. I personally think that Islam needs a bit of a shake up, reforming if you like. Muslims themselves? I have nothing more against them than I do Christians, Jews Buddhists or anyone else.

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    How many Muslim Children has Obama fire bombed with Hell fire missiles shot from remote control aircraft???

    Too many, that is how many.

    And the incinerated bodies are piling up.

    Obama and his Democrat buddies are no different than the Republican bigots who want to murder innocent Muslim Children. And both Democrats and Republicans make me sick, and there is a special place in Hell waiting for all those kind of people who murder innocent Third World Children using fire that is being spit forth from drone aircraft.

    If you were really Pro-Muslim you would point out how the present President Of the United States is murdering Muslims in record numbers by dropping thousands of bombs, and Obama is so blood thirsty he is even going to war without a declaration of War in Congress.

    Shame on you for saying you are for Muslims, when you are clearly very much against Muslims. I can smell a phony a mile away.

    If you were really for innocent Muslim Children...

    then you would be against the Traitor and the Tyrant Obama the Mad Bomber. And you would speak up against the Dictator in President's clothing.

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    this might be part of the issue

    the mosque encouraging those to immigrate into other countries to get into power and take over:

    honor killings in the US:

    or the fact that many demand sharia law to be implemented here

    im not saying all muslims are bad, just saying that these incidences are what cause people to view them in such a way

    EDIT: to respond to your next part, the whole story about priests raping children was talked about a lot and was the main focus for the media, back when it was the main concern, but it is now old news and is less frequent and less dangerous to society than the problems associated with muslims. also the man who locked up his daughter is talked about, but was not done in the name of anything.

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    The constant sight of seeing Islamic terrorists. Yes Muslims were killed, but seeing that the culprits are frequently Muslim backgrounds give people the impression.

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    Because they are the new communists. America has to have an enemy or else people become wise to how much we're spending on military that is unnecessary. If there was no "enemy" to fight then the people would demand the troops come home and budget cuts to the Pentagon.

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    There is no evidence that your claim is true. Radicalism subsists on the fringes of the society and not in the mainstream, unless they happen to be Justin Bieber fans.

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    Because they suffered humiliation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    List of Daily Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

    ~ making a true difference in the world!

    15-year-old girl dies during punishment straight out of the Qur'an

    Pakistan: 14-year-old killed for refusing to marry father's cousin

    Muslim Mothers Who “Honor Kill” Their Daughters

    First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk in the UK

    Sudan police arrest women protesting at flogging video:

    Militants kill Christian minister in Pakistan

    Allah commands that Muslims "slay the pagans wherever you find them" (Qur'an 9:5, cf. 2:191, 4:89)

    Why not confess your sins to God right now, sorry from your heart and turn from them in faith asking His forgiveness? Then trust that only Jesus’ sufferings on the cross will be accepted by your Father in Heaven for the punishment your sins deserved. Why delay?

    And they all said, "Are You the Son of God, then?" And Jesus said to them, "Yes, I am." Luke 22:69-70

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