Where are some good places to go backpacking in Kansas/Missouri?

I've been backpacking many times. Mostly in Colorado. My girlfriend, however, has never been. We are planning a trip for this fall, but don't know of any places around here. We're from Kansas City and we do not want to travel to far. Otherwise, we'd be going in Colorado. I've heard the Ozarks have some very nice trails, so we might have to end up going there. Is there anywhere closer than that? Or is that going to be our best bet? Thanks....

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    The Flint Hills in Kansas is a nice place to go..check it out on here..=)


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    The city has many opportunities for your backpacking tour. If you don’t mind dirt roads, I’ll suggest you guys to try the Arikaree Breaks. It’s the most breathtaking hiking trail I’ve ever been to. Well, it’s not exactly a hiking site. But it’s a great to hike. BTW, I’m a newbie now.

    If you guys are one of those experienced hardcore hikers, why not try the American Discovery Trail? I guess it would be a great trail to prove something to yourself or someone else. Yet safety comes first during your trip.

    To get enough knowledge of Hiking & Trekking in Kansas or learn about other allied information, the following site can be very helpful:

    Hiking & Trekking Kansas City


    Anyway, have a great time with your GF :)

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