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What does the Wiccan belief system consist of?

If you are Wiccan, what does your belief system contain?

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    The site given by others-- --- is an excellent source of information.

    It's really hard to put an entire theology in a nutshell, but overall it's no different from other religions.

    We believe in a Higher Power like many other religions; in Wicca it's in the form of a God and a Goddess (though there are different ways for Wiccans to view the nature of the divine, Wicca generally focuses on the interplay of a God & a Goddess).

    We have core tenets like other religions; in Wicca it revolves around taking personal responsibility for ourselves, striving for a healthy balance in things, etc.

    Like other religions we have ways to worship, holidays, rites of passage, etc...

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    Too much question for a simple answer. Believes that you are powerful in your own right. That you are a beautiful being (righteous). The first commandement is: Harm none, then do as you will.

    A far more sane, loving, and just religion than Christianity. You see, they believe in doing unto others as they want others to do unto them. They believe in loving those whom others would call an enemy. They believe that when Jesus said that you have the power to move a mountain into the sea, he wasn't lying. They believe in "honesty always". They believe that women are of value in our world.

    Actually, if you throw everything out of the Bible except most of the words allegedly spoken by Jesus, you will have the practices of a Wiccan. Christians don't recognize this, of course, because Christians follow the teachings of Paul who didn't particularly like Jesus' message.

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    Holistic. In Wiccan prepare, the Divine presence is generally believed to embody all issues -- life and dying, introduction and destruction, excitement and discomfort. there is not any achieveable separation from the Divine presence, which includes each little thing interior of it (which includes the actual substance of the universe, that's often seen because of the fact the residing physique of the Divine presence).

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    It largely depends on what author you read. Seriously.

    There are however several core beliefs that show up in just about all denominations of Wicca. Go here to learn:

    You might also want to use the search bar of Yahoo Answers. Questions like "What do Wiccans beleive" have been asked here hundreds of times.

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    That's a really broad question. More specific questions are easier to answer here.

    For a really broad answer, I've created this page:

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    It is my understanding that they are an Earth based religion, i.e. they worship the Earth as our mother.

    Edit: Those who I have met were wonderful loving people.

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