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Should I start watching Breaking Bad or The Wire?

I'm bored and want a show to start watching, and I feel like these are the two best shows that I've never seen an episode of.

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    Ive watched both series completely and id have to say you should watch both. Breaking Bads 4th season is just starting and should still be exciting. Mr. White is played exceptionally by Bryan Cranston he really carries the show.

    The Wire is actually very well done for how long it ran because it continued to completely change its storylines each season about several different major crime in Baltimore without watering down the show. 5 seasons thats plenty to keep you busy. OMAR is definitaly one of the most interesting characters in that series. Barksdale right hand man Stringer Bell (idris elba) has a new show on BBC called Luther that is a definite must watch as well. Better than both of these shows! Hope this helps.

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    It relies upon on your very own decision. i know the two exhibits, yet as an prolonged time fan of crime dramas, The cord is the acceptable coach ever made. From 2002-2010 it replaced into the optimal rated coach on all of IMDb. Now it somewhat is tied with Breaking undesirable. I watch it from beginning as much as end as quickly as a 300 and sixty 5 days. For me what places The cord above Breaking undesirable is realism. The cord replaced into written by utilising utilising former Baltimore sunlight Crime reporter, David Simon. lots of his writing is in conserving with actual comments. for my area, lots of what makes Breaking undesirable so compelling is the preposterousness of all of it. contained interior the superb i know The cord for this reason of actuality it tells the uncomfortable fact that the line between regulation enforcement officers and criminals is razor skinny.

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    Breaking Bad is pretty awesome. I just finished watching the whole series. Highly recommended.

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