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US community college --> U

suppose係美國讀完2年cc 可以入US既year3 year 4.

咁如果trans返HK 讀U possible ma?


香港有邊間U會accept cc trans返泥丫?


係咪係US既cc 到grad.到就會有個associate degree??

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    1. Although it is a case by case situation, but usually it is possible to transfer back.

    2. In the old system, Year 2. Under the new 3-3-4 system, Year 3.

    3. See #1 - it is a case by case situation.

    4. No - because you can graduate from a certificate program. In other word, you must meet all requirements for a Associate Degree in order to graduate with a Associate Degree.

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    所以記住若果你真係到當地升讀cc既話,就一定要在當地考埋大學。用果張入學取錄書 + 副學士畢業証書嚟考回香港大學。

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