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我想請問這部 刺青檢密演討會短片的英文歌是什摩明子呀???誰能告訴我謝謝

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  • 10 years ago
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    Song : How We Roll (Fast Five Remix)

    Artist : Don Omar, Busta Rhymes, Reek da Villian and J-doe

    前不久的電影:玩命關頭5 (Fast Five)的第一首片尾曲(First end credits song)

    可在電影原聲帶:Fast Five (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)找到這首



    Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

    Don Omar, J-Doe, Reek da Villan, Bus-a-Bus

    Come on, come on

    [Chorus: Don Omar]

    That's how we roll, we roll like this

    [Busta Rhymes]

    Now now now now now

    Ya'll know what we do, ya'll know exactly how we rolling

    And we hugging every block don't matter how police petrol it

    If we do it how we do it whether it's now or it's later

    And we always handle business cause we poww in this paper

    What you want, what you need, as we walk through every gutter

    Every hood and every street and every block we got it covered

    Throwing money while we in the club with shorties on our pole us

    Get it popping in this bitch, me and my clique coming through

    That's how we

    [Chorus: Don Omar]

    That's how we roll, we roll like this

    [Reek da Villan]

    Yeah, he he, yeah

    Hey let's get it

    [Busta Rhymes]

    Reek da Vill' get'em

    [Reek da Villan]

    Hopping in the vehicle white shoes

    I get up in that 'Vet and start it all you hear is vooom

    Roaring up the engine 'till it blew like a bloon

    Light my dutch hit the clutch stow it in the gear and peeew

    Wilding in the fast cars driving like it's NASCAR

    Tearing up the asphalt when I'm in that Jaguar

    Dipping away from Nason, redlining the dash board

    Exhaust blowing fire like a rocket 'bout to blast yo, fast yo


    Yeah, yeah, J-Doe I rock'em

    You know how we roll (roll), you know how we do it (do it)

    You know we the realest when it come to doing music

    Don't wanna see me prove it baby, if I gotta lose it

    Then it's on turn ya radio on, you gon hear the newest

    J-Doe spit hate on this, why the hell you doing that

    I done held you being loser, hating on me I'm the best

    I be pissing on competition if there's any give me more my flows


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