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Documentary on Netflix..."Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"?

I just saw a documentary on Netflix called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"... The guy goes on a juice diet for 60 days using a juicer and nothing but fruits and vegetables to make his juice... Has anyone else seen this? Have any tried it? If so, does it really work? Thanks!

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    Haha I saw this like a week ago :) and it does work. If your a normal weight or over it by some then you can do it just make sure you have no medical problems then you should do it for 10 days, but it will be a struggle. If you wanna do it past 10 days then you should go talk to your doctor and see if you can do it longer. Best of Luck!

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    I just watched that documentary yesterday. It was interesting. I'm not overweight at all, but it made me want to get a juicer and try making the juice a regular part of my diet, just for the health benefits and to maybe have more energy. It seems like a good idea for anybody, not just people who want/ need to lose weight. If you could replace some of the unhealthy foods and drinks with that juice, I think it would be beneficial. I'd check with your doctor if need be, but I think it's worth a try...

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    I saw that 3 years ago, bought a decent juicer and loved it. Still using it today. It's healthy, energetic and my body craves the juice frequently.

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