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Can I press flowers this way?

I currently have NO access to an iron

But I have flowers I would like to press, wax paper and a flat iron(for hair)

Would this work if I set it to low heat?

If not, how long until the flowers lose their color? They're dyed(purple, pink, blue, yellow) daisys. They say they live at least 7 days but that doesn't mean they lose their color then.

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    I've never heard of anyone using any type of heated iron to press flowers. Pressing them means to make them flat, not to iron them like clothes.

    At any rate, you need absorbent (not waxed) paper, and weights. Many people just use an old book, put the flowers between the pages, and put weights on top of the book. Some books have a lot of acid in the paper, though. Get some scrapbooking or craft paper that says that it's acid free, and put the flowers between that paper, and then put it between the pages of a thick book. An old encyclopedia or dictionary is good. Then put something quite heavy on top of the book, for instance, canned goods are generally pretty heavy, or a few bottles of any sort of liquid.

    There are also special flower pressing kits that you can buy, which have screws that you can tighten as the flowers get drier.

    Some flowers will come out better than others. For best results, use either flat flowers, or deconstruct thicker flowers, that is, pull the petals off of a rose and dry the petals individually. Then you can rearrange the rose petals when they're dried. Also, some flowers won't retain their colors very well at all. You just have to experiment to find out what sort of results you get with each kind.

    You can also dry flowers, either by hanging them upside down in a cool dry place or by burying them in absorbent material. This will not flatten the flowers, but it will generally cause the colors to fade somewhat. Again, different flowers will yield different results.

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    Take wax paper then a heavy book (phone book) amd wrap flowers in wax paper put it in phone book and leave it you can also sit on it (im not saying your fat im saying that it adds weight to the flowers im sorry if i offened you) then 2dayz later you have pressed flowers

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    When I was little I remember my mum putting flowers between two pieces of paper and putting them in the back of a big heavy book, closing it and leaving at a while.

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    You are not able to press roses in view that they disintegrate. You can dry them out and thats it. You can press posies, asters, and carnation petals however now not roses. You can press leaves, pine needles and seed however now not roses. Now omit approximately urgent the ones roses and move do the dishes.

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