How do I make my own alcohol legally and safe?

This is actually kind of a dream of mine I want to make my own alcohol to eventually sell maybe not the first batch but months or years later.

Is there classes I need to take or anything like that?

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    8 years ago
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    If you want to distill you have to get a license to do so. You could become a micro distiller, its not exactly simple there is a lot that goes into making a proper wash and building and operating a still. Also the federal government (ATF) requries you to fill out reports of operations that you have to tell them EXACTLY how much you made and where it is exactly and account for every ounce.

    I would recommend staring with brewing beer, since its somewhat similar to creating a wash to distill (minus the hops) but you still use the same technique and enzymes to convert the starches to sugar. Start out making beer then if you really want to do a lot of studying and get a license to distill.

    As a home brewer (of beer or wine) you can make up to 100 gallons per person up to a total of 200 gallons per year legally.

    Also you cannot sell your legal beer, that is also illegal. Again you would have to get a federal license and fill out the Brewers Report of Operations so that they can steal an appropriate amount of your revenue (taxes).

    also it not a bar tending license you need, its a license you get from the ATF. I am an avid homebrewer used to put on Beer/Wine festivals and quite a bit of knowledge about distilling and have written software for breweries/distilleries to comply with ATF regulations (cigarettes are also a fun one since they have to track those tax stamps you see on the bottom of each pack).

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    It is illegal to distill your own alcohol, but brewed beverages like beer and wine are legal to make. Cider is probably the easiest; all you need to do is add a packet of cider yeast into a jug of apple juice and wait a few months. Beer is also very easy, but a bit more complicated. You could take a class or look it up online for directions.

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    The easiest and the quickest way to produce something with alcohol in your own home both legally and safely is beer.

    Anything else is either a pain in the *** or takes way too long to produce.

    Home beer making solutions are inexpensive, legal, accessible, and both easy and quick to produce.

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    8 years ago

    Start with what kind of alcohol do you want to make. You can buy starter kits for beer or wine.

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    Making your own achol without bar tending licences is illegal. Which they call moonshine which can get locked up in jail for ....for some serious time. Don't want that so if want to make your own achol safe try baby steps take classes

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