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Ali Krieger Future in WPS?

where is ali krieger going to next? on a youtube vid and on wikipedia she said that she wont come back to 1. FFC Frankfurt so idk where she is going. thanks for all the help

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    you're assuming that wps will be around next year. in just 3 plus years, several teams have already folded:

    los angeles sol

    st. louis athletica

    fc gold pride

    chicago red stars

    if there is a wps for 2012, she'll probably be a free agent and sign with any team that she wants. if no wps, she'll probably play somewhere in europe or asia. there's also the wpsl, a 2nd tier league.

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  • 9 years ago

    yeah several teams folded bud no wories now if us wins world cup that can give a positiv boom for WPS

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