What Broadway performers should I know?

I'm kind of new to the world of theater, and when all my friends talk about their Broadway heroes and their favorite Broadway stars, I get a little awkward because I don't know many stars. I love Kristin and Idina because I saw them in Wicked, and I know Adam Pascal, Aaron Tveit, Gavin Creel, and most of the Mimi's from Rent, but who else should I know? Who are some good Broadway stars I should know, who have been in a lot of productions or are on Broadway now? Who are your favorite Broadway stars?

Educate me in the ways of theater! Lol any help is appreciated, thanks! (:

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    If you love musical theatre, you will naturally learn the names of people you love. In the meantime, don't worry about being new. Just be honest. If someone mentions a name you don't know, ask them about it.

    My favorites are Angela Lansbury and Bernadette Peters.

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    I would say the more you go to the theater, the more you will learn. Don't feel awkward around these people. Ask them why they chose the actors/actresses who are their heroes. Remember, you will never know unless you ask. And...the only dumb question is the question that isn't asked.

    It is my personal feeling that you should attend as many shows as you can. This will give you a better understanding of the theater, and of acting in general. Then, when someone asks you, you can be informed enough to make your own decisions. You may find many of the people that say a certain actor is their hero, are only saying it because it sounds good. Maybe that person is not the best actor/actress. Maybe you will find a hero of your own that is completely different from those of your friends.

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    Brian Stokes Mitchell, Patti LuPone, Norbert Leo Butz, Jason Dainelly, Audra McDonald,

    Marin Mazzie, Debra Monk, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Norm Lewis, and of course,

    Nathan Lane!

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    Well, lots of things depends on the person. For example a lot of big broadway stars (such as Sarah Brighman) never did much for me, and a couple unknowns (such as James Gillian) are some of my favorites. But I would suggest that you look into actors. Many of my favorite shows (such as RENT) I found because I liked the actors in the cast. Pretty much if you hear a song you like, I'd suggest using Wikipedia to see what other shows they've been in. It's really a fun journey using actors, writers, and composers/lyricist to connect shows and find new ones. Since Broadway is constantly growing there's always more to learn (which makes it fun). That being said, there are a few people you might want to look up (you already know most of my favorites).

    Sutton Foster - SHE'S IN EVERYTHING! I know her from her roles in Anything Goes, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Little Women, Shrek, The Drowsy Chaperon & Young Frankenstein. But it seems like every time I turn around she's starring in a new show (and being amazing!)

    Micheal Crawford - He is a legend. He originated the role of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, but he also gives delightful performances in Hello Dolly and Barnum (both musicals). He has the most beautiful voice and he is just a joy to listen to.

    Christopher Fitzgerald - He's so quirky and funny. If you've seen Wicked you probably know him (He played Boq) but he is absolutely delightful in every role he plays! My favorite is his hysterical Igor in Young Frankenstein, but he can also be found as the comedic Og in Finnian's Rainbow.

    Heather Headly - one of the strongest female voices you will here! I only know her from her roles of Nala (The Lion King) and Aida (Aida) but in both she had such a strong voice and personality it just blew me away. Fantastic!

    Sherri Rene Scott - Sweet voice. She has also been in a lot of popular shows. She was in The Little Mermaid (Ursala), The Last Five Years (Kathy), Everyday Rapture(I don't know her role here), Aida (Admeris). She has a sweet voice that's fun to listen to, but isn't really (in my opinion) a show stopper.

    Bernadette Peters - classically trained. She is a legend as well. Known for her roles in Annie Get Your Gun (Annie), Into the Woods (Witch), Sunday in the Park with George (Dot), and I think A Little Nights Music (not sure about that one). She has fantastic vibrato and also plays lots of strong characters.

    There are also actors who are hugely popular for one role but then never quite get a role that big again. Some of these include Lin Manuel Miranda (In the Heights), Yul Brenner (The King & I), Angela Lansbury (Sweeny Todd (plus LOTS of animated voices)), and such.

    Sorry if this is overwhelmingg. I'm just excited to see someone whgenuinelyly wants to learn! I would like to again encourage you to listen to all of the shows mentioned here and to never stop finding new shows and new actors, there are plenty of breath taking ones out there!

    Source(s): About 3 years of Broadway enthusiasm :)
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