56.2 miles per gallon by 2020, what do you think?

the obama administration is thinking about making a 56.2 mile pergallon standard for passenger cars but i think theres a lesser one for truck and SUV's, what are your thoughts on the issue, do you think we can reach it or will this be meyhem for the auto industry?

i think its reachable but not by then and i think this could potentially be bad for the auto industry

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    9 years ago
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    as much as i believe that this proposition is a good idea, we must remember everything is a two way street. The upside is that it will save the environment by reducing our gas emissions. on the other hand this will be a challenge for the car industry as that will be forced to create new technology practically over night. this technology may cheap just as much as it may be expensive but it's most probable it will be the latter. so what we would be saving on gas money will go to purchasing the car. lastly remember that 2020 will come in 8 years and a half, by then we might have the technology, by then we might have an alternate source of fuel for our cars that may be cheaper to use and cheap to buy. there are so many "if" and "buts". when and if the proposition passe it will cause some mayhem but it will eventually be resolved by the inventions of new technology or an alternate source of fuel.

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  • voll
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    4 years ago

    some thing like a diesel prepare or jet airplane might degree its gas performance by what proportion gallons of gas are burned to shuttle one mile. that is gallons in keeping with mile. maximum vehicles will bypass numerous miles on a single gallon, from approximately 5 miles for a huge semi to 50 or greater for a moped. that is miles in keeping with gallon.

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