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Why is that neither party is discussing cuts involving the education and the energy department?

The education department, which provides college financial aid along with other multitudes of programs and the energy department, which is involved in research and handling of nuclear material do not seem to be the talks of the deficit reduction plan. Medicare, medicaid, and social security seem to be the only items on the table.

Is it because these departments do not make up a large portion of the deficit? or Is it because both parties realize the value of education and research?

.....I am not proposing that they should decrease the funds for these programs.

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    They ARE looking at education. Energy department involves the giving of credits and such to the oil companies so that is rather sacred. Some asked about military, that is a sacred cow to the republicans so that is off the table. z

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    I don't know why they aren't looking harder at the military. It's bigger than all the means-tested entitlements combined and they buy $600 hammers and $400 ash trays.


    Social Security and Medicare are not included in "entitlements" in my statement because we pay for them separately. The sum total of "gifted", or means-tested programs like welfare, food stamps, etc. runs about half of military spending.

    I realize that talk about "entitlements" can and often does include SS and medicare, but that is money taken from us separately from general taxes and is supposed to be set aside for us when we reach 65 years old. If those items are in trouble and causing a squeeze for the government, tough luck for them. It's our money. They took it from us against our will and promised to give it back one day. And they will, one way or another.

    I added "means tested" to my answer to help clarify. I should have done that in the first place.

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    No, they just realize that cutting education funding is sure to lose votes. They don't give a crap about issues yet, that's for later. They discuss things to sound good to the voters.

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