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? asked in SportsBaseball · 9 years ago

Why is highschool baseball superior in Southern California over Northern California?


@Cool- I'm not saying NorCal doesn't have skills. Rather, I'm saying SoCal has produced far more and better players than NorCal.

I don't have a list, either, but this is what I have from the top of my dome.

-Jered Weaver

-Evan Longoria

-Troy Tulowitzki

-Nomar Garciaparra

-Daryl Strawberry

-Troy Percival

-Jeff Kent

-Mark McGwire

-Alan Trammell

-Jason Giambi

-Mike Stanton

-Chase Utley

-Troy Glaus

-Heath Bell

-The Boone Brothers

-Jim Edmonds

-Ryan Braun

-Tony Gywnn

-JT Snow

-Trevor Cahill

-Gary Carter

-Don Drysdale

-Alvin Davis

-Cecil Fielder

-Brian Giles

-Marcus Giles

-Dan Haren

-Aaron Hill

-Phil Hughes

-John Jaso

-Brennan Boesch

-Mark Langston

-Ray Lankford

-Cory Lidle

-Skip Schumaker

-Robin Ventura

Update 2:

Most of the players whom you named are nobodies. It seems as though you merely put EVERY SINGLE player from the Nor Cal on the list. I didn't do that. Rather, I put only the ones people have heard of.

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  • 9 years ago
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    off the top of my head this is my list. sorry if i miss sum1

    Frank Robinson

    Vada Pinson

    Willie Stargell

    Dave Stewart

    Billy Martin

    Barry Bonds

    Chris Speier

    Bill Buckner

    Dave Righetti

    Keith Hernandez

    Rickey Henderson

    Randy Johnson

    Randy Winn

    Glenallen Hill

    Dave Stieb

    Mark Langston

    Randy Ready

    Willie McGee

    Chad Krueter

    Bill "Spaceman" Lee

    Aaron Miles

    Gregg Jeffries

    Ernie Lombardi was born in Oakland. Joe DiMaggio was born in Martinez, CA.

    Dennis Eckersley

    Pat Burrell

    Joe Charbonneau

    Ken Reitz

    Nate Schierholtz

    Joe Morgan was born in Texas but was raised in Oakland. Does that count?

    Jimmy Rollins from Alameda

    And Dontrelle Willis.

    CC Sabathia - Vallejo

    Glenn Burke

    Dennis Eckersley

    Al Hrabosky

    Ernie Lombardi

    Cookie Lavagetto

    Gary Pettis

    Frank Robinson

    Jimmy Rollins

    Dave Stewart

    Dontrelle Willis

    Doug Davis - Walnut Creek/Concord

    Jermaine Dye - Vacaville

    Joe Ferguson - San Jose

    Joe Kmak - Serra HS

    Bill Pecota - Sunnyvale

    Darren Lewis

    Ruppert Jones

    Claudell Washington

    Ryan Drese

    Kevin Maas

    Greg Norton

    Doug Henry

    Gary Pettis

    George Mitterwald

    Dick Tidrow

    Rudy May

    Don Wakamatsu

    Von Joshua

    Mark Davis

    Lloyd Moseby

    Shooty Babitt

    Broderick Perkins

    Jackie Jensen

    Bip Roberts

    Mike Felder

    Augie Galan

    curt flood

    and the list goes on................

    Source(s): Bay Area has skills
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  • 9 years ago

    The biggest reason is that Southern California has a much larger population. There are about 22 mil people in SoCal and we only have about 14 mil in NoCal so it's not a big surprise. There are quite a few very good major league players from up here though, including CC Sabathia, Dustin Pedroia, and Jimmy Rollins I see you claimed Troy Tulowitzki on the SoCal list, but he is actually from Northern California...nice try Matt.

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  • Connor
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    It's like hockey. Why is hockey so much more popular in Canada? Why are most of the best college baseball teams from the south? In southern California, players can play year round, which makes them better players, whereas they can only really play during half the year in northern california. Because of the state's population, these schools are really good at baseball. As a result, they start recruiting the best players from nearby. When Southern California players are already better than Northern California players, and then you add on recruitments on top of that, the Southern part of the state is going to be a lot better than the Northern part.

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  • 9 years ago

    Population is probably the biggest reason. The California schools have a lot more players to pick from. There is just a lot more competition to even make a teams roster. Southern California has better weather too. Players there can play in two or three different leagues at different times of the year. More playing time in competitive games means that players can develop skills faster.

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