2.Write the equation of the line which passes through (2, 1) and is perpendicular to x = –2?

Please show work so i can understand

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    The equation x= -2 is a vertical line, as no matter how the y value changes, the x value will always remain -2. Therefore, because perpendicular lines always form a right angle when they intersect, the new line must be horizontal, ie: the value of y is a constant and never changes.

    So you've been given a point that the new line intersects with, (2,1). The value of y is 1, and because the line is horizontal the value of y will always be 1. Therefore there is no unknown and the equation is:

    y = 1

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    8 years ago

    y-1 = 1/2(x-2)

    ** 1/2 meaning one-half ***

    for these questions the equation is y-(y value of coordinate, in this case 1) = (inverse of slope)*(x-(x value))

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