fashion schools in canada?

i want to become a fashion stylist but i would also like to know what other careers there is in fashion other than fashion design? and also some universities or colleges with fashion programs

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    You’ll have no problem finding a great school for fashion design in Canada, whether you choose to stay closer to home in British Columbia or travel across the country to Toronto. Below I’ve listed a variety of schools that offer degrees or programs in fashion design. It’s up to you to research their Websites and visit the campuses to find out which schools are right for you. Also, check out the Website for the Toronto Fashion Incubator. It’s a great resource for learning about the fashion industry in Canada, including recommended schools, steps for starting your own business, and links for working in the fashion industry both at home and abroad.

    Academie de Dessin de Mode Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design

    Fanshawe College — Art and Design

    Humber College — Fashion Arts Diploma

    International Academy of Design & Technology

    John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts

    Lethbridge Community College

    Okanagan Fashion Institute Inc.

    Olds College

    Ryerson University, School of Fashion

    University College of the Fraser Valley


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    Best Fashion Schools In Canada

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    Well, school wise I suggest you drop into the states and go to Parsons school of Design. In fashion there are many components. Models, Designers, Casting agents, Publicists, Buyers, Sellers, Advertisers, and many more. I would check out this website

    GOod luck

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