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When someone in India calls for computer tech support do they get someone in the US?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you'll find people in India have no need for such support. The just don't "call for computer tech support".

    Serious answer to a silly question.

    India (a little like China) is a highly diverse landscape and social structure. In the country, they typically don't have access to telephone lines... so what are you going to do with you computer, and how would you "call" anyone if something went wrong with it? (actually, most of them have mobile phones and cell coverage is good, but you don't want to surf like that, the IT "boom" is very much a "bubble" without the internet)

    People in the cities are in a much better geographical position to make good use of IT, but culturally Indian people would not want to own something that nobody in the family could service them-self.

    So, if you are the IT guy in your family, you will be the one who gets the call when anything goes wrong with any of your brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, uncles and aunts PC. If you are the Doctor in the family, you will get the call when any of those people are ill, and if you are the barber everyone comes to you for a hair-cut, if you are the lawyer everyone comes to you for legal advise, if you are the mechanic everyone brings their cars and bikes to you and if you are the tailor / seamstress everyone gets their cloths from you.

    I am lead to believe (not a US citizen my self) that the Jewish communities in the states traditionally work in a similar way?

    Not all of the world is based on capitalism. Parts of the world which are not wealthy make do without money. It may be an alien concept for someone from the U.S., but you will recognise that you can either have time, or money; you can't have both. If you have no money, you have time to do things for friends and family for free. Then everyone can get by with less money. If you have money you probably have to work bloody hard and so don't have the time to see to the needs of every member of your extended family.

    I personally prefer the extended family social network method. It gives a better sense of community and a sense of you own purpose within your society. The capitalist monetary method works better for promoting the wealth of your nation.

    So, if you call your cousin for Tech support, you are doing nothing to improve interest rates in the U.S. If you don't pay for services, you don't pay tax on them. etc.

    In short, it's not good for the nations economy, but it is excellent for the psychological health of the people of the nation. (time vs. money, health vs. wealth... yes, money really is bad for your health ;)

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  • engman
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    3 years ago

    it really is termed outsourcing and businesses in u.s. do all of it the time because that is more inexpensive to employ workers in India than it really is to pay minimum salary or more advantageous to human beings interior of u.s.. agencies want to make and protect as a lot funds as they could and that is in undemanding words one way they bypass about it. setting up factories in 0.33-international countries and getting affordable not elementary paintings and heading off particular environmental regulations created in the U.S. is likewise yet otherwise. Capitalism is eye-catching yet regrettably that is the draw back-human greed overrides the apparent want for the psychological and actual well-being of different human beings as well because the well-being our ecosystem.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    considering how many jobs i lost to india

    it is like asking if a deaf person answers tech support

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  • 9 years ago

    Reely reely don't care

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