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how to babysit an 8 month old and 6 year old?

I'm 12 year old, almost 13. I'm quite responsible and mature for my age,

My neighbor across the street asked me to babysit his 8 month old and 6 year old sons.

I've never babysat before, only my 7 year old brother.

So i just want to know how do i babysit them, what should i do with them, and feed them etc.



thanks for the opinions.

i thought i was a bit too young aswell but if there was to be a problem, my mom lives just across the street so i could easily call her.

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    For the 8 month old,just talk to him, smile, get some really soft toys or rattles to play with him...PEEK A BOO works so well for kids that could also get a teddy bear and make it kiss him, tickle him, just carry him on your hip and walk him around the house with you and just talk to him.

    For the 7 year old you kinda half to treat him like he's your age. (not that he is) If you talk to him like you would a little kid then he will probably think your weird. You could play what ever video game console they have, play board games, watch TV or a movie, have a drawing contest, go outside and just chill out, or you guys could color, play catch, play computer games, or hide and seek.

    Hope i helped!

    Source(s): I'm 13 & i always babysit(:
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  • pazos
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    4 years ago

    Is the 8 month outdated crawling around? you may desire to not take your eyes off him. you may desire to comprehend what to do in case of choking or falling. little ones placed issues of their mouths and ought to choke. Have the discern write down instructions and make contact with the discern in case you have any questions approximately naps or something. in case you forget approximately what they pronounced you may pass re examine the instructions back. The 6 3 hundred and sixty 5 days outdated must be not as confusing to visual exhibit unit, yet your first project is their risk-free practices from falls and different probability. in basic terms then are you able to return to a decision approximately video games. The 8 month outdated ought to get to comprehend you first with the father or mom contemporary provided that at that age they comprehend time-honored faces and could be scared in the commencing up. If there's a purple go babysitting course on your community it truly is recommended to take it sometime

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  • Demi
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    9 years ago

    Keep the 6 year old entertained by having him color, draw, watch a movie, etc...

    You can go outside and let the 6 year old play out there. Just keep the baby on the grass or put him in the stroller and walk him around the backyard.

    As for the 8 month old if he can sit by himself put him on the carpet have his toys on the floor so he can play with them. You can also read to him.

    As for feeding them ask the person you babysitting for to leave out the food they want you to feed them. Ask for what is okay/not okay for them to eat.

    Source(s): Have 4 nephews Babysitting for 9 years.
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  • 9 years ago

    u r okay to babysit a 6 years old but 2 young to take care of baby

    i dont know but this is my opinion

    also 2 kids is 2 much for u

    start with 1 child over 3-4 yrs old,then late when u are 13,5 add 1 child

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  • Amanda
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    9 years ago

    you keep an eye on them. dont let them wander off. play whatever games they want to play. or let them play with their toys. and feed them what the mom tells you to feed them - before she leaves, you can ask her when they will need to eat, and what they eat. also get a phone number for her so you can call if there are problems

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  • 9 years ago

    If you don't know how to babysit them, you shouldn't be babysitting them!! Sorry if thats a little harsh but it's health and safety xx

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  • 9 years ago

    whoevers children they are should tell you allt he things you need to know really, if they dont, dont do it.

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