For those who have seen the movie Erin Brockovich?

Can you please summarize the movie for me? I didn't understand the wikipedia entry so please give me some really helpful links/ good summary on it. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okay so this movie is about a single mom called Erin Brockovich...she has three kids and no real educational background. She loses a lot of money in a lawsuit and needs a job to pay her bills. So she gets one as a file clerk in an office run by the guy whom she asked to help her out. His name is Edward Masry. She works on a medical case of a family with connection to a company called pacific Gas and Electric who's buying that family's house. But there's something weird in the files which doesn't seem right. So she investigates and finds that PG and E had been buying people out of their homes and paying for their medical bills because they were covering up the contamination from hexavalent chromium in the community water to which she enlists Masry to bring forth one of the biggest lawsuits in California history. The chromium was dumped from their factories in the drinking water for families and the families suffered from severe diseases.

    And she wins. :)

    Source(s): Try and read the reviews.
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