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Brain Wilson vs Heath Bell?

Which one is funnier, more crazy? Brian Wilson just cracks me up how he acts like did you see when they introduced him as an allstar. haha something simple but i was at the stadium and wow he got cheered. Same with Keith. I think of this game, the keith slide was much more ppular n it was funny, and just brought more fun to the game, but i wanna know what you think about this and who do you think is funnir or crazier.


Keith, heath whatever lol i meant heath like i put on the tittle, chill lol

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    I like both Weezy is just crazy while Bell is wild. Idk they both have tons of personality light hearted and naturally funny guys. But Weezy is just weird with that beard.

    They are prolly gonna get hated on by others and branded as attention whores just letting u know how much Envy people have towRds charisma

    Source(s): West coast people have the most characters in baseball
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    Brian Wilson is really funny, and he is crazier. He's just so unique, i love his personality. Heath Bell sure is a funny guy as well, i love his type of humor, it cracks me up. Wilson and Bell are both HILARIOUS in my books, I'd consider Brian Wilson as a better player. He's just got the stuff, he's more explosive when it comes to pitching.

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    Who's Keith? Hernandez?

    Brian Wilson is a showman. His act is ON when he wants it to be and I have no doubt that he can shut it down just as quickly. I like that.

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