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is it safe i used a wool sock as a condom?

after engaging in foreplay with my girlfriend for about 30 minutes we decided to have sex but we didnt have any condoms so i grabed my dads wool socks and taped to my penis..... it seemed to stop the cemen from leaking but is this method actually safe? i was able to come after one hour and she said she did too, but im not sure. does it matter if she came too?

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  • keetan
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    3 years ago

    No! How previous are you? What you probably did grew to become into completely irresponsible and apparently, you have no longer been precise cautioned with reference to the cost of applying helpful contraceptives. A wool sock isn't liquid data. except you want to be a teenage father, end having intercourse till you get some condoms and ordinary methods to apply them.

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    The original condoms were made from sheep skin but umm...they always took the wool off before.

    It is probably safer to have done it without any form of protection. Not only can she get pregnant, but she could get a yeast infection.

    I've heard of men ejaculating in socks before, but that was when they were masturbating.

    If you are so YOUNG that you cannot distinguish between SOCK and CONDOM then you are too young to be having sex!

    So pull out the G.I. Joe action figures and enjoy your childhood a while longer...

    and remember, socks go on your feet, not your weenie.

  • I really hope your joking, otherwise your a raging turd bowl. You should pull your head out of your colon and go do your school work.

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  • Beebes
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    9 years ago

    Wool is itchy, you should use your sister's panty hose.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i would have bought a condom

  • 9 years ago

    How the hell did you even get it in.....that's what I wanna know....

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