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Am I able to grow 10 inches in the next 2 years?

Okay, so I'm a 14 year old female and I am 5'0 tall. I had my first period Late December of last year. Will this effect my growth rate? My parents are short but my brother is pretty tall for our family genetics. My mom is a centimeter shorter than me and my Dad is 5'3-5'4". My brother is 5'6".

The things is, I'm wondering if I have to gain some weight before growing a few inches or can I grow first then gain? Because 3 years ago my brother was a tad bit overweight when he was my height he was 120 pounds, but throughout the years he has grown 6 inches while maintaining his height so he is considered thin now. I wonder if the same thing has to happen to me. I really don't want to gain the weight first because what if I gain the weight but I'm not able to grow? That way I would've gained the weight for nothing and I'm afraid it will be hard for me to lose the weight. Right now I am 5'0, 80-85 pounds.

I quit vegan-ism after a few weeks of it since I was worried about not getting enough nutrients. I also paid attention in my biology class when my teacher/my textbook said that good nutrition can help me achieve my maximum height. So far, I have grown 6 inches in 3 years. I want to grow at least another 6-8 inches before puberty ends for me. Right now I am permanently quitting white bread/white rice/white pasta and eating whole grain only. I don't eat cold cereal, whether oatmeal or nothing. It's getting hard for me to roller blade out side of my house because of this heat wave and I am taking Prep classes for the summer with tons of homework so IDK if I can exercise much. I am going to ask my mom to sign me up for Lucile Roberts, since it's close to my prep classes.

Does cracking my back/popping my knuckles prevent me from growing???

Should I stretch twice a day? I have calcium supplements that I am taking 2 supplements every 2 days. Anything else that can help please I am REALLY DESPERATE TO GROW TALLER!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear from people who were in the same/similar situation as I was in. Thnx!! xxoo

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    To grow another 10 inches in the next 2 years would probably require a miracle.

    To reach your potential height you need adequate sleep (from 8-10 hours per night), adequate calories and a normal healthy diet.

    Plenty of protein from eggs, meat, poultry, sea food and dairy products helps as well as calcium from milk, cheese and other dairy products. You also need plenty of zinc from red meat, oysters, mussels, nuts and seeds and zinc fortified cereals such as Weetbix.

    Exercise does not help your height growth.

    Girls usually stop growing at 15 but the absolute deadline is 21.

    Boys usually stop growing at 18 but the absolute deadline is 25.

    Smoking can reduce your potential height by a whole inch.

    Under eating and under sleeping can, to some extent, stunt your height growth.

    You can see further tips in a web search for "how to grow taller naturally".

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    It mainly depends on genetics, but there is a slightly possible chance you will be ably to grow 10 inches in two years. It's possible, but highly unlikely considering your family's height genes. It's possible. I would know I grew 4 inches within the 7 months of middle school and I'm still not at my full height yet. That's mainly because I come from a long line of athletic tall people and I'm taking after my ancestors, but you seem to come from a family in which both sides (mother and father) are both vertically challenged. Since your older brother is the tall one, you will most likely be the shorter one ( a few inches under 5'6"). Sometimes a specific family trait skips a generation and goes onto half of the next. Your brother is not THAT tall (I'm 5'9" and only 12 almost 13) he is the tallish one who received that genetic trait lost within your mother and father. You have probably received the shorter trait stored in your parents, therefore, it is possible, but highly unlikely. Nothing can be used (besides a special high priced surgery done by a specialist) can make you taller. This is an issue base on genetics alone. (BUT KEEP IN MIND, IM NOT SQYING MIRACLES CANNOT HAPPEN!!!)

    Source(s): I'm tall and I paid attention in science class during the genetics chapter. (I'm a nerd when it comes to genetics)
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    How To Grow 10 Inches Taller

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Am I able to grow 10 inches in the next 2 years?

    Okay, so I'm a 14 year old female and I am 5'0 tall. I had my first period Late December of last year. Will this effect my growth rate? My parents are short but my brother is pretty tall for our family genetics. My mom is a centimeter shorter than me and my Dad is 5'3-5'4". My...

    Source(s): grow 10 inches 2 years:
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    I did a study on height and I know it's a big issue when you look young and short.

    Honestly I think you are going to grow another 2 inches max. Most girls are done growing at 15.

    Your weight is below average for your height, although in the healthy range, and normally I think your 'shape' comes after your height.

    It sounds like your diet is healthy which does help growth.

    Cracking and popping does not affect growth.

    Stretching does not affect growth although it can improve posture which makes you look taller.

    Calcium is helpful but not too much... overdosing can actually harm growth!

    I've developed loads of advice and tips on how to look older and taller- it all depends on other factors- your face shape, hairstyle, clothes style etc. If you want detailed advice on all of that you can mail me through my profile.


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    First off genetics are a hugh factor in what your height will be when you grow up. Since pretty much everyone in your family is on the short side it's more than likely that you won't grow to be tall. But with that said my parents are avg. height (mom 5'3" and dad 5'10") and i'm 6'3" but i do have other tall relatives so it just skipped my parents. Finally don't worry about being tall, most guys love short girls so being shorter will help you there.

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    I'm a girl and I grew 7 inches from 7-9th grade so it's possible

    but my dad is 6'2". If your brother is the tallest one in the family and he's 5'6", I HIGHLY doubt you will be 5"10' and I got my period late that's why I'm tall. U got it pretty much on time. I'm 5'9" by the way.

    You can take as many pill as you want, eat whatever you want, and exercise whenever you want, but all of this WILL NOT make you grow. It only helps u achieve the maximum height u were born to grow. Only genetics can determine your height not what you eat. Why are sooo obsessed with growing anyway???

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    Source(s): Increase Your Height
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    Exercises to Increase Height

    Chakrasana (wheel pose) stretches the trunk region of the body thereby helps in elongation of the body from the stomach region. It relaxes the stiff muscles of the back and the sides. Tadasana (Shoulder Stand) is another recommended asana for height increase. It involves standing upright on the ground by holding the back muscles and the shoulder upright. Other forms of exercises involve swimming and high jumps to dive in the pool. Swinging from a rod and stretching the body downwards towards the ground also helps to increase the height of the people considerably. Generally kids are recommended to have these pull up and stretch down exercises so that their body can grow faster during growth spurts.

    The body stops growing once the growth of the bones is hampered. The growth of the bones depends on the spinal fluid and hence the exercise of Shoulder Stand should be practiced regularly. These exercises not only help to provide exercise to the back region and the spine but also assist to increase the height of the individual.

    The Pranayama (breath exercises) of yoga work wonders for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases and they help in the general growth of the body too. The breathing exercise rejuvenates the body for the proper growth and metabolism of it. It also helps to provide relief from acute pain in various parts of the body. These postures should be carried out for a long time and a person should maintain a particular position of to gain better results.

    These yoga postures strengthen the nerves and the bones of the back so that body can grow in unison. Yoga also helps in weight reduction and tones the body in a perfect manner so that the body gives an appearance of being tall.


    1. Milk: Milk is the universal food for building body. It contains protein in abundance, which are the building blocks of our body cells. Milk is a easy digestable food and enables maximum assimilation of proteins. Take 2-3 glasses of Milk each day

    2. Eggs: Eggs are a wonderful natural source of protein. The White albumen in eggs contain 100% protein, but you should not take the yolk since it contains fat .To increase your height, take 3-6 eggs daily. For better results, take 2 eggs along with each meal

    3. Chicken: Chicken is one of highest protein-content meat food among animal foods. It provides greater protein to the body for building tissues and muscles. Take atleast 100 gms of chicken each day

    4. 5. SoyBeans: SoyBean has the greatest protein content among vegetarian plant foods. It contains pure protein which improves bone and tissue mass. Make sure that you take 50 gms of Soybeans each day

    6. Oatmeals: Like SoyBeans, Oatmeal is another wonderful source of plant protein. In fact, it increases muscle mass and decreases fat. Take 50 gms of Oatmeal for breakfast every day

    7. Skimmed Milk: Skimmed Milk contains 100% protein and is free from fat. A daily consumption of 50 gm of Skimmed Milk after exercise or physical sports will provide adequate protein for your body

    8. Coral Calcium: Coral calcium is a natural source of Calcium obtained from sea corals. Coral calcium helps to increase bone mass and thereby helping your bones to grow in length. The younger you are, greater are the results of increasing bone mass through Coral calcium

     General Exercise – You don’t have to join a gym to be able to exercise. Simply doing some basic aerobic exercises like jumping jacks at home will suffice. Even walking or biking home from work instead of commuting will help you burn fat, and provide a natural way to increase your height.

     Advanced Training Regimens – People who feel more dedicated to the cause of fitness may choose to join a gym, or make one at home. Weight training can strain the muscles and bones just enough for you to get a slight yet natural height increase; just be sure not to overdo it to avoid injury.

     Stretching – A variety of stretching techniques are also widely believed to give you an increase in height. Taking time every day to stretch out your body, or just remembering to after sitting down for a long time, will benefit your body, health and height to great lengths.

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